You could say he’s got this moot thing mastered.

Third-year paralegal studies student Tudor Gagea won an oralist award at last month’s Capital Cup moot (debate) competition in Ottawa.

The Capital Cup National Undergraduate Mooting Tournament is held annually and attracts teams across Canada. Undergraduate and graduate college and university students interested in studying law have the opportunity to gain advocacy experience and develop their legal research and writing skills.

One hundred teams, including six from Humber and six from University of Guelph-Humber, argued a 2016 provincial case out of New Brunswick, R. v. Comeau, where a man was arrested for possessing more than the legal amount of alcohol not bought from New Brunswick’s liquor corporation.

“In preparation for the competition, we attended weekly sessions from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. organized and hosted by our program coordinator Bernard Aron and coached by Aram Simovonian, a graduate of our program,” Gagea says, explaining how the paralegal studies teams prepared for the competition.

“We read through the case numerous times in order to develop a thorough understanding of the issues at play, even sitting down as a team and going through each individual paragraph. We presented arguments in front of each other, critiqued each other's style and presentation content, posed incisive questions, and challenged each other in order to take our arguments to the next level.”

Though none of the Humber teams made it to the quarter finals, Gagea was thrilled to win an award. His final moot score was 384/400, with the judges saying he was "well-spoken" and did an excellent job answering their questions.

“(Winning) was very unexpected, as none of the Humber teams had advanced through,” he said. “We attended the final award ceremony with the hopes that we could make Humber proud, and I was ecstatic to hear the results.”

Participating in moot competitions since 2015, Gagea says he’s thankful to his longstanding teammate, Daniel Pallag, for his support over the years.

“I'm very grateful (also) for the support of our program coordinator, Bernard Aron, for helping us establish a strong team, as well as our mooting coach Aram Simovonian for his patience and assistance with creating our legal arguments. I'm grateful to the Associate Dean of the Business School, James Cullin, for his support throughout the competition and beyond.”