Bruce Chen receives his award

A Humber PR graduate has been recognized for his leadership and excellence in communications.

Bruce Chen, who was in the postgraduate certificate program, won the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators)/Toronto’s Bobbie Resnick Student of the Year Award.

The award is given out based on the student’s creativity, writing skills and paid and volunteer experience. Chen is the fifth Humber College student since 2005 to win the award.

“It was incredibly humbling and rewarding (to win),” Chen tells Humber Today. “There were many deserving applicants and it could easily have gone to someone else … My name on that award doesn't mean it's for me. It goes to honour the collaboration, creativity and dedication those at Humber PR stood for.”

The PR program includes a placement, and Chen is currently doing his at High Road Communications. He says he’d love to continue working there once his internship is done.

Looking back on his year at Humber, he says the PR program fulfilled all his expectations.

“I chose the Humber PR program because of its reputation. Put simply, Humber delivered on every promise I'd wanted from my postgraduate program. My professors helped me immensely in my application for the Bobbie Resnick Award. 

“I'd recommend the program to others with the caveat that it's not easy. It's a challenging but rewarding course for those who are willing to take feedback and improve on their craft every week. It forces you into situations where you'll get better just by design. University teaches you to think; Humber teaches you to execute and stand out from the rest when applying for jobs.”