Humber students present their idea at the World Wildlife Fund Designing Change for a Living Planet competitionA group of Humber students are the proud winners of World Wildlife Fund’s first Designing Change for a Living Planet competition.

Going up against groups from 14 other Ontario universities and colleges, the Humber team won with its idea for an app that connects tenants, landlords and roommates to encourage lower footprint co-living – taking into consideration childcare, meal sharing, transportation and food gardens.

The students – Ankit Josh (Civil Engineering Technology), Avita Ragnauth (Tourism – Travel Services Management), Evan Curle (Electromechanical Engineering Technology), Ezgi Cokuysal (User Experience Design), Graham Budgeon (International Development) and Jasmine Wong (Sustainable Engineering and Building Technology) won $1,200 and an opportunity for each team member to meet with an industry leader of their choice.

“It feels quite incredible that our group won,” said Wong. “After our presentation, I remember thinking that the other competing groups had such detailed, heavily researched and tangible solutions."

The goal of the competition was to develop a disruptive innovation idea solving a day-to-day sustainability issue. Participants had two hours to develop the idea, which they then had five minutes to present to three judges.

“This event was an incredible experience,” Wong added. “Even though a lot of ideas did not make it to the final presentation stage, those ideas can still be implemented to make a difference. Everyone has a role to play when making a change in society and many small ideas can make a large impact. I want to thank (program manager) Kerry Johnston for giving me the opportunity to attend this event, and the rest of the Humber team for being amazing. We couldn't have done this alone!”