Joyce Grant graduated from the Humber School for Writers program in 2008.

After working in journalism and marketing, Grant decided to explore her love for writing in a different setting.

Grant is best known for the Gabby series of picture books. Gabby is a colourful and animated picture book that engages children through its bright illustrations and imaginative text. The story also functions as a creative lesson in how to spell and attach meaning to words. Grant also wrote the middle-grade baseball novels Tagged Out, and Sliding Home, inspired by her son who is a baseball player.

Grant participated in the Creative Writing program twice where she was able to help bring her stories to life with the support of mentors Antanas Shalika and Elizabeth Harbour.

“I am so grateful to have found him [Shalika] and the Humber school because it really changed my life as a writer. It took me from something I want to do to something I really know that I can do,” says Grant.

Following her studies at Humber, Grant earned a Master’s Degree through the college’s partnership with the University of Gloucestershire. Grant has also seen her books travel across the world with the Rainforest of Reading Foundation who bring books to Saint Lucia, Grenada, Montserrat and Nevis to help cultivate deep roots for literacy and lifelong learning. Gabby was presented to thousands of children and won the 2015 Rainforest of Reading Award.

“I’ve been truly amazed where writing and books take you,” says Grant. “The community of authors, especially in Canada is incredibly supportive and you need that because nobody is in this alone. It’s been a fantastic experience and it all started with my first mentorship through Humber.”

Grant currently has five published books and is a co-founder of the Teaching Kids News site, which uses kid-friendly language and context to help kids understand what is happening in the world.