Humber Bachelor of Music program alum Mason Victoria works as a composer, arranger, conductor, trumpeter—and as program assistant for Humber’s Community Music School. It’s been a journey that’s come full circle for Victoria.

As a member of the Spectrum Music team, Victoria is the artistic producer and one of the composers for Coding Chaos. He joined Spectrum Music (a collective of Canadian composers and music curators founded by Humber College and University of Toronto alumni), after being inspired by one of their workshops during his undergraduate degree. Victoria recalls that the workshop was led by Daniel Jamieson—a Community Music School graduate, the very program he now assists with.

This year, Victoria brought the concept for Coding Chaos to the Spectrum team—which consists of many Humber graduates. Chelsea McBride and Suzy Wilde, as well as guest composer and Humber graduate Nebyu Yohannes, joined Victoria for the performance. “Maintaining these Humber connections has been so great for all of us,” Victoria says.

Coding Chaos pushes the boundaries of the digital experience in music, combining live performance with artificial performance. “The concept came from the chaos between the human and the robot,” Victoria says. He explains that the show included a jazz trio on instruments that synced to a computer that has been trained in jazz and classical music. The computer responded in real time and performed back with the ensemble. “It’s artificial intelligence, and it’s really cool to see how we were able to combine the two in a performance that interacts with one another, as opposed to getting in each other’s way,” Victoria says.

Victoria says Coding Chaos is a unique event that really puts the future of music into focus, and  explores how technology affects art. A pre-concert chat with software artist Ryan Kelln discussing artificial intelligence’s role in society was also included. Victoria says he wants people to experience the performance and realize we are not too far off from a future where technology may or may not take artistic jobs. “My primary goal for this concert was to really dig into the technology, and have the concept come to fruition through all these amazing performances.”

View the Coding Chaos trailer here.

Spectrum Music’s upcoming June 2nd concert Voyages Extraordinaire includes Humber faculty and alumni Darren Sigesmund (trombone), Luan Phung (guitar) and Chelsea McBride, joined by percussionist Naoko Tsujita. Learn more here.