It's that time of year when we decide to focus on starting new goals and exciting changes for the new year. Here are 13 resolutions to help you get started on some of those goals inside and outside of the classroom. 

1. Pass on using the plastic cutlery and opt for a sustainable way to enjoy your meal

Pick up a set of reusable utensils from the Office of Sustainability. At Humber, sustainability is one of our core values and each day, we work towards taking responsibility for the social, economic and environmental impact of the decisions we make today and in the future. Sign up for a student-only town hall on January 15 to learn more.  

2. You’re not alone

The new year comes with many changes. Health and counselling services are available all year-round if you are having a difficult time adjusting to school, work or anything in your personal life. If you are looking for support, make appointment with the Student Wellness & Accessibility Centre to help put your mind at ease.

3. Don’t procrastinate

Although procrastination is natural for all of us, it turns out it’s wreaking havoc on our lives by stealing our time, peace and doing harm to your health. If you have a few hours to spare, start your assignment in advance. Humber’s Math Centre and Writing Centre are available to help you start your assignments or prepare for a test.

4. Take the pledge

The Office of Sustainability launched a Take Back the Tap campaign, encouraging students, staff and faculty to commit to using their reusable bottles and help achieve Humber’s goal to reduce the consumption and sale of plastic water on campus. Fact: Plastic waste generated by bottled water adds to the 18 billion pounds of plastic that ends up in the ocean each year.

5. Take a breath of fresh air

Mood walks are offered at North Campus three times a week. This free, flexible outdoor opportunity is open to all students, staff and faculty at the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College. This type of activity can reduce stress, improve concentration, and bolster creative problem-solving.

6. Join a fitness class

Humber offers a variety of fitness classes at North and Lakeshore campuses along with discounted training with certified personal trainers, nutrition consultations and incentive programs. Grab a friend or take some time for yourself to enjoy a free class of yoga, zumba, kickboxing and more. The Winter 2019 schedule will be available here.

7. Good and cheap eats

The Soupbar in Cafe LINX at North Campus, is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. IGNITE, in partnership with Humber and Feed It Forward launched the food service in the fall. The Soupbar takes food donated by local restaurants, businesses and the Humber Arbotetum's Food Learning Garden, and makes soups - at no minimum cost to the students who come by.

8. Shake up your study methods

Book a group study room on campus and get your work done in the company of others. Studying in groups helps to promote creativity and new perspectives as questions and explanations arise through discussions and problem solving. It creates an interactive environment that not only helps to improve knowledge but also reinforces learning. Be sure to book your study room in advance.

9. Focus on yourself sometimes

“It’s vital to your enjoyment of life to set boundaries on your time, energy, and money, and to create opportunities for yourself to relax and recharge.” Read Huffington Post’s article, When Is It Okay To Be Selfish by Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of YOU DO YOU.

10. If you snooze, you don’t lose

Sleep has many health benefits for your heart, brain, energy and more. Aim to get 7-9 hours of rest per night to help put your best foot forward. Read more health benefits of sleep here.

11. Find new adventures in familiar places

There is always something new to explore at Humber’s campuses. At Lakeshore Campus, we recently celebrated the grand opening of the Indigenous Cultural Markers located in front of the Welcome Centre and in the Lakeshore Commons Field. Be sure to take a peek at the new developments at North Campus including the construction of the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (Barrett CTI) and make use of the new multi-deck 1,000 car parking structure. New Indigenous Cultural Markers will also be part of the Barrett CTI when it opens.

12. Get networking

Do more than just social networking this year. Networking with industry professionals, Humber alumni and your professors, is a great way to explore your career path. Check out seven tips to help you become great at networking here.

13. Spend less time online

According to a Globe and Mail article, Canadians are spending more time surfing the web than ever before. “Young Canadians between the ages of 18 to 34 spent even more time on the Internet — an average of 34 hours per week in 2016, or nearly five hours per day.” Try to spend more time with friends and family and engaging in in-person conversations.

For a full list of resources and services available to help you reach your new goals, please visit