Dr. Rumeet Billan, alumna of Human Resource Management (2006), is the Chief Learning Architect at Viewpoint Leadership and the President and CEO at Jobs in Education.  

Billan is a successful entrepreneur and also a recipient of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women Award. She began her first recruitment firm, Job in Education, prior to joining Humber. A job board that connects employers and job seekers in education. “Taking the program really helped to inform the work that I was doing and after I completed my program I still continued on with my first business which still exists today, fifteen years later,” says Billan.

Her objective to spread education among the masses, inspired her to expand her ventures abroad. She has built schools in Kenya, Sierra Leone and a Teachers College in Ecuador. “Visiting different parts of the world informed my perspective. I do think that Humber College played a huge role in that especially with this idea of understanding others, empathy and all of the things that come with how we connect with other,” says Billan.

Her work provides a platform for the youth, women, communities and organizations to foresee the possibilities through learning and development. Billan is also an author of the book entitled, Who Do I Want to Become. “I wanted to develop this book because it really isn’t about what you want, its more so about who you want to be when you grow up and that matters the most,” says Billan.  

Among her many other achievements, Billan has also led The Tallest Poppy, a joint research project in partnership with Thomson Reuters and Women of Influence. The study aims to examine the causes, impacts and solutions of the silent syndrome impacting employees particularly women in the workplace.  

“I just want to share that it is completely okay not to know what’s next in your career. Experience as much as you can and let that inform what’s the next step is and that mindset allows you to become adaptable,” says Billan.