The Humber Golf Lab is a world-class facility and the only one of its kind across all colleges and universities in Canada.

Equipped with the latest high-tech simulator and golf equipment fitting tools, the Lab is an experiential learning environment for students. Last year, the new Golf Lab opened at the North Campus, giving students, faculty and industry professionals a larger space to learn and develop their skills. With new, state-of-the-art equipment available, students have the opportunity to learn the art and science of golf instruction, golf club fitting, and golf club building. With the use of video and 3D movement analysis equipment, students also learn the kinematic sequence and biomechanics principles of a golf swing and more.

“The experiential learning that takes place in our Golf Lab develops a skillset in our students that makes them more of an asset to employers and opens doors to more advanced job opportunities,” says Andrew Vento, program coordinator of the Business Administration - Professional Golf Management program. “The hands-on skills our students learn in our Golf Lab are geared to develop the skillsets required to start their own business ventures within the golf industry.”

The Lab features three simulator rooms, a 2,000-square-foot putting surface, a golf club workshop, putting green and a 500-square-foot retail space. Technology, software and equipment used in the learning space are also embedded in the learning outcomes in several courses as part of the program.

Since golf is a seasonal sport in Southern Ontario, the Lab provides students with a place to practice and improve their golf skills year-round. The space provides opportunities for students to prepare for their playing ability test with the PGA of Canada, which is fundamental for those working toward becoming golf professionals, instructors or general managers.

“The Humber Golf Lab is equipped with many different forms of analysis technology which can be used by the students to enhance their practice and gain deeper insight into what is happening with the golf club and the ball throughout their swing,” says third-year Business Administration- Professional Golf Management student, Jordan Tandan. “Having the access and knowledge to this type of technology is helpful in assessing strengths and weaknesses in the students’ swings, and is also an asset when it comes to preparing for their careers as professionals and instructors.”

Humber Golf Lab

While studying in the advanced diploma program, students can work in the Lab and receive golf coaching, club fitting and swing analysis from Humber’s team of PGA of Canada members. Humber’s program is a recognized PGA of Canada program and allows students to explore a career path towards managing a golf course, pro shop or golf course facility, directing tournaments and special events, becoming a teaching professional, a retail sales agent and more.

With a new space to take golfing education further, more workshops and services will be available to the Humber community.

“We are working towards setting up a student-based instruction program through the Professional Golf Management program where golf students will be able to give lessons to other students and faculty at Humber,” says Tandan. “Golf instruction is a skill that requires a practical approach and being able to gain experience through teaching lessons will be another huge asset to the Golf Management students.”

To learn more about the Golf Lab and the simulation rooms within it, click here.