With a couple of clicks in the new Humber Guardian app, you can activate an alarm, call campus security or access counseling services – and that’s just the beginning.

“Safety means different things to different people,” explains Rob Kilfoyle, Humber’s director of public safety. “For some people, feeling secure while walking down the street is important. For others, having easy access to support resources is a priority. The Guardian app combines all of that in one place.”

The app – which is available for free on iPhone, Android and Blackberry 10 – provides single-touch access to campus security and emergency services, as well as providing public transit info, campus maps and links to programs like self-defense training. You can even email a photo to security.

Other features include:

  • Contact info for student services like counseling, the health centre and the Humber Students’ Federation, as well as external services like 24-hour support helplines
  • A flashlight
  • Information about Campus Walk, Smart Commute and other programs on campus

 “The app has everything you need to feel safe, all in one place,” says Kilfoyle. “It’s all there in your hands.”

To download the app, search in your device’s app store for Humber Guardian. You can also contact the Department of Public Safety for more info.