The War Child Canada organization is providing children in war-affected communities access to education, opportunity and justice. Graduates of Humber are playing a pertinent role in helping the organization achieve its mission and break the cycle of poverty and violence for the children.

“As a project officer at War Child Canada, I mainly help support three specific countries — Afghanistan, Iraq and Jordon. I help support the projects that are being implemented there from the design process all the way to implementation,” says Michelle Kim, graduate of International Development, 2012, and Project Officer at War Child Canada.

The graduates are collectively working towards making a difference in the lives of the youth and to provide them with a chance to reclaim their childhood.

Brock Warner, a graduate of Fundraising and Volunteer Management, 2009, and the director of Community Giving and Innovation at War Child says the most rewarding part of the work is when he sees or hears stories of the families the organization is helping, as they are often isolated and regular communication is not possible. “If someone is interested in getting into fundraising then I would say go for it because the demand for good fundraisers far exceeds the supply right now and Humber is the best place to do it. The connections I built in the years at Humber College made the rest of my career possible,” says Warner.

“The key takeaway from the Humber program is its practical aspect. The teachers also did a very good job. They were quite successful and able to portray what the humanitarian sector looks like and how we can be prepared for it,” says Kim.