Humber College

Responding to the changing job market and needs of employers, this year we’ve added seven more programs to our roster.

With 180 full-time programs and more than 50 areas of study, maybe something new and exciting will spark your educational interest.

The following programs will now be offered at North, Lakeshore or online:

1. Bachelor of Community Development

Honours Degree - eight semesters - Lakeshore

Learn the theory, principles and practices of locality development, community mobilization, leadership and social action, while exploring psychological and sociological influences.

2. Insurance Management- Property and Casualty

Ontario Graduate Certificate - two semesters - North

Learn the fundamentals of the industry and its three main functional areas – underwriting, loss adjusting and agency/brokerage. Gain transferable skills in business communications, computer applications, insurance accounting and metrics, marketing, sales and customer service, project management, and leadership. 

3. Music Business

Ontario Graduate Certificate - two semesters - Lakeshore

This is a unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge of the music industry, which includes entrepreneurial, business and project management skills. You will study the Canadian music industry, music production, manufacturing, licensing and copyright, national and international distribution, marketing, promotion and more.

4. Sport Business Management

Ontario Graduate Certificate - two semesters - North

Develop management knowledge and skills in areas such as the structure and functionality of the Canadian sport industry, marketing, sales, sponsorship, economics and finance, event planning, and management.

5. User Experience (UX) Design

Ontario Graduate Certificate- two semesters- North

Learn the work-practice of prototyping concepts in order to describe ways to effectively integrate digital services with materials-based products and environments. You will conduct field research and make significant discoveries to create value for corporate clients and their customers.

6. Wellness Coaching

Ontario Graduate certificate - two semesters - North

Gain knowledge and skills in promoting health and wellness and learn to prevent or manage diseases. Learn to establish effective coaching relationships, support sustainable behaviour change through practices such as motivational interviewing and mindfulness, manage health and wellness programs and improve quality of life for people with chronic conditions. 

7. Bachelor of Health Sciences- Workplace Health and Wellness

Honours Degree - eight semesters - North

You will develop the skills required to deliver proactive, responsive, profitable and effective workplace health and wellness services within organizational settings while promoting healthy lifestyles to individual employees and, by extension, their families.

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