Stephanie Maggs on Mount Kilimanjaro with a 'We Are Humber' sign

Stephanie Maggs on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. She climbed the mountain after running a half marathon in Africa this year.

In 2008, Humber employee Stephanie Maggs ran her first half marathon for Team Diabetes.

Ten years later—with more than $70,000 raised and marathons run on six of seven continents—she shows no sign of slowing down.

In fact, Maggs is getting ready for another big challenge: a 2020 marathon on her final continent, Antarctica, and her biggest fundraising goal to date: $18,000.

Stephanie Maggs at the Great Wall of China
Maggs at the Great Wall of China. She ran a marathon there in 2015.

“In 2002, my ex was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes,” Maggs explains. “He died in 2004 … A few years later I saw a post in Humber Communique regarding Team Diabetes. The article advertised the coming (run) locations, one of which was Disney.  My son and I signed up, raised $9,000 for the event and did the half marathon together.”

Since then, she’s completed half marathons and marathons all over the world: in Greece, Italy, Brazil, Scotland, Australia, Africa and China.

Stephanie Maggs in Sydney, Australia
Maggs in Sydney, Australia. She ran Australia's Gold Coast Marathon in 2016.

“I am fortunate to have met so many amazing people on my travels, have experienced so many things and seen so many places. I don’t think I will be quite at $100,000 (funds raised) after Antarctica, so I have every intention of continuing to be part of Team Diabetes.  I’m super proud to be the first Team Diabetes member to cover all seven continents raising money for diabetes and I’m looking forward to being part of the $100,000 club.”

Maggs raises money through a combination of hosting events, making specialty cakes, scented candles and, occasionally, dog biscuits.

To donate to the Team Diabetes cause, visit Maggs’ fundraising page. If you’d like to order a specialty cake or candles, get in touch with her through Facebook.