New Year

The New Year is a great time to reflect on our previous 12-month journey before setting new goals and opportunities for the future. 

Whether your goals for 2018 are new or in progress, here are a few ways to remain committed to your New Year’s resolution: 

1. Find some fitspiration

This must be the oldest and most common New Year’s resolution and there is more than one way to stay committed. Find yourself a workout buddy and encourage each other to visit the gym when either of you are not feeling up to it. This is a great way to boost your energy, relieve stress and catch up with friends. Also, having a personal trainer on campus acts as an alarm clock to remind you to commit to your appointments and stay focused. Humber’s Fitness Centre offers various packages to meet your personal needs. Check it out:

2. Eat smart

Set aside time in the evening to prepare your lunch/dinner for the following day. This will help you to be mindful of the food you are eating and maintain a healthy diet. It also saves you time and money. This spring you can learn more about the benefits of healthy eating, local food and more in Humber’s newly developed food learning garden. Stay tuned.

3. Bring home the bacon

Become a work-study student and earn some money during the school year. Your job is conveniently located on campus and your employer will be relatively flexible with your school schedule – leaving you time to study and complete assignments. The Career Centre will review your resume and can help write cover letters too. Find more information here:

4. Say goodbye to stress

Although it would be nice to be stress-free, it’s normal to experience some stress at different times in our life. Humber’s counselling services are available to all students who are looking for support. Make an appointment with the Student Wellness & Accessibility Centre to help put your mind at ease.

5. Stay in the know

With so much happening on campus, keeping up can be a challenge. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@humbercollege), and Instagram for the latest updates and Humber news.

6. Find a hobby

Explore new interests by joining one of many student clubs at Humber. If you’re a gamer, a dancer or magician in the making, there’s a club for you. Take a look:

7. Value your time and company

Surround yourself with good vibes by spending time with family and friends. It’s good to take your eyes off the screen and catch up with people who love and support you.

8. Sleep is not overrated

Set an alarm during the week to remind yourself it’s time for bed. This will give you time to wrap up your school work or other tasks and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Sleep recharges your brain, releases negative energy and boosts your immune system. Still tired? Visit our sleep lounges to catch a quick nap. No appointment necessary, just bring your student ID.

  • North: KX208, Fireplace Room.
  • Lakeshore: KB106, sign up in Games Room (K Basement).                                             

9. Be open to new ideas

As a student, you have the opportunity to experience new environments and learn more about your personal interests and desires. Take this time to attend events across campus to meet new people, learn something new and explore new opportunities. Humber hosts free events every week.

We encourage you to try out one of our New Year’s resolutions or make one (or more) of your own. Humber wishes you success and happiness this New Year. Make 2018 count!