President’s statement supporting the diversity of our students

Humber College is proud of our diverse student body.  Our community reflects Canada and the world, and we celebrate the strength we gain from the differences among us.

It is important that we support each other in difficult times. Every member of the Humber community is responsible for ensuring that all students, employees and visitors feel safe and welcome on campus.

Since last week’s horrific attacks in Paris, individuals around the world and Muslims specifically have been unfairly targeted.  I am disappointed to say that our institution has also been affected. We are aware that at least one of our students has been harassed based on their religion, and racist graffiti was also discovered on campus.

This behavior violates both our core values of respect and inclusion and our Code of Student Conduct and will not be tolerated. Incidents against individuals or groups based on their identity undermine the learning environment and college experience available to all students. 

Our doors are always open and we encourage anyone who witnesses or is the target of such acts to report them.

There are numerous places on campus where students can get support, including:

All three of these offices are able to respond to concerns and incidents, and are confidential. Students can also find a safe space and someone to talk to through Counselling Services, the Multifaith Centre and the LGBTQ+ Resource Centre.

I commit that Humber will continue to hold a culture of inclusiveness and respect as a priority while we uphold our principles of equity and diversity.   As always, actions speak louder than words – please join me in ensuring all members of our community feel welcome, safe and celebrated.



Chris Whitaker