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At Humber we are creating a global-ready community of students, faculty and staff.  Through global engagement we are committed to ensuring that the Humber community has depth of experiences through diverse, global perspectives and opportunities to support the development of intercultural skills.  Our global partners are central to ensuring that we can achieve this. As a leader in Polytechnic education, our global connections ensure that we are equipped to create opportunities for faculty, students and staff to grow and evolve through global knowledge exchange. Humber’s award winning comprehensive internationalization strategy outlines our approach to internationalization through these five key objectives:

  1. Recruiting and supporting an increasingly diverse group of students from countries around the globe
  2. Providing opportunities for students to earn academic credit while studying or completing placements abroad
  3. Ensuring that Humber’s faculty and staff are equipped to support internationalization efforts across the campus
  4. Developing strategic partnerships focused on intercultural exchanges and programming that seeks to engage the Humber community in academic exchanges and collaboration
  5. Advancing initiatives that provide opportunities for faculty and students to contribute to international development initiatives globally