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Goal 1

Recruit and support an increasingly diverse group of students from countries around the globe

Humber is committed to providing the highest quality education and an exceptional learning experience for a diverse student body.

International Recruitment

Over 3,800 international students from 100+ countries attended Humber in the 2015-2016 academic year, contributing to the vibrant fabric of Humber’s global community.


Campus Familiarization Tours

In May 2016, Humber hosted a group of 70 international education representatives associated with International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) from almost 20 countries for an overnight familiarization tour. Humber also welcomed a group of international representatives from Vietnam and Indonesia. The participants visited the North Campus where they had the opportunity to tour the campus, participate in yoga and nature walk sessions in the arboretum, and learn about the polytechnic education advantage from Diane Simpson, Dean of International and Alister Mathieson, VP of Advancement & External Relations. At Lakeshore Campus the international representatives participated in special workshops including the historic tunnel tour, police training and crime scene simulations, and improvisation.

Government-funded Students

There were 20 government-funded students from Papua, Indonesia enrolled in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and other academic programs this year. This partnership promotes closer ties between Canada and Indonesia and raises Humber’s profile in Indonesia. Humber also signed an agreement with the Bhutanese government’s authorized agents to receive government-funded students beginning in September 2016.

International Student Services

The International Centre’s Student Services team continues to provide essential services and support programs designed to help international students adapt to new environments, grow, and develop intercultural competencies.

Key Programs/Services for international students include:

  • Pre-Departure Workshops, Skype Chats, Tweet-Ups, live broadcasts on Facebook, and a “Virtual Passport” online orientation
  • Connect mentorship program
  • On-campus International Student Welcome/Orientation and special Meet and Greet events for first semester students
  • Passport to Success program
  • Access to academic support resources
  • Monthly events, trips, and workshops
  • Immigration advising
  • International Education Week & Global Lens Photography Exhibit
  • Alumni engagement

 Canan Yucai Gorgulu, Humber representative from Istanbul, Turkey

niagara falls

Highlights of the Year

Killarney Winter Camping Trip

During the winter semester reading week (February 16-19, 2016) Humber led a group of 31 adventurous international students to stunning Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario for three days of snow games, spectacular sunrises, and fresh air. The group experienced building an igloo (Quinzhee), cooking outside, winter adventure hikes, and memories that will last a lifetime.

International Education Week & Global Lens Photography Exhibit

From November 16-20, 2015, the International Centre hosted International Education Week (IEW) on both North and Lakeshore campuses. Through interactive activities, entertainment, language cafes, and a globally themed art exhibit, IEW gives the Humber community the opportunity to learn about various countries and their unique cultures.

The Global Lens Photography Exhibit is a visual demonstration of student learning and faculty/staff experiences through study and work opportunities. Exhibit visitors were invited to contribute their journeys to a large-scale map, share their views on global citizenship, and participate in creating a global tapestry.

Humber Goes Global provides an opportunity for participants to learn about various countries and their unique characteristics including food, traditional clothing and language. This past year, Korea, Pakistan, Peru, Taiwan, and Ukraine were featured at booths at both Humber campuses. Students who lived in, travelled to, or studied these countries shared their personal stories and cultural insights with the Humber community.

Language Cafés in Mandarin (China), Gujarati (India), and French (Mauritius) were offered during IEW at both campuses. Participants had the opportunity to learn a few words in a different language and share their cultural interests.

Students who have worked or studied abroad (including international students who are studying in Canada) shared their experiences during Stories from Home & Abroad.

Alumni Engagement

The International Centre hosts an annual International Graduate Reception for staff, faculty, new international graduates, and alumni. This year's event took place on June 6th, 2016 in the

The Humber Room, Humber's on-campus restaurant run by students in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism. Over 100 guests celebrated the success of Humber's new international graduates and shared fond memories of their experiences at Humber.



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humber global

Student Success

Many international students at Humber are recognized for their academic, personal, and career successes. This year we showcase international students who have excelled in athletics at Humber.

li olivia lei

Li “Olivia” Lei, a native of Guang Xi, China, has completed her second year in the Recreation & Leisure Services program at Humber. She has quickly become the most dominate player in women’s collegiate badminton in Canada. For the second year in a row she was the CCAA National and OCAA Provincial women’s singles champion, as well as the Player of the Year in both divisions. She is also a two time CCAA All-Canadian. Olivia was also a co-winner of Humber’s female Athlete of the Year award.

ivon jaimes albarran

Ivon Jaimes Albarran, a native of Toluca, Mexico, graduated from the Fitness & Health Promotion program at Humber and is now enrolled in the Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion program. Upon her arrival at Humber, she made an instant impact on the Humber Hawks women’s cross country team. Along with back-to-back OCAA women’s team titles, she has run to first and second All Star team selections over this two year span.

xing yu dong

Xing Yu “Adam” Dong, a native of Su Zhou, China, has completed his second year in the Recreation & Leisure Services program at Humber. Not only has he taken on the challenge of the collegiate badminton circuit, he has also made an impact on the entire badminton community across the nation.

For the Humber Hawks, Xing Yu Dong is a two-time CCAA National and OCAA Provincial champion. He was also selected as the Humber Hawks male Athlete of the Year. The 22-year-old played in a professional league in China before coming to Canada and hasn’t lost a badminton match in a Men’s Doubles competition since he arrived here two years ago.

phuthita nilyok

Phuthita “Boom” Nilyok, a native of Nonthaburi, Thailand, is currently enrolled in Event Management after graduating from the Teaching English as a Second Language Program.

As a first year student, her success on the badminton court was incredible. She captured a CCAA National Gold and Silver medal to go along with two OCAA Provincial gold medals. She was further honoured as the Humber College Hawks first year Female Athlete of the Year.

“It was the real experience in Canada both in academic knowledge and living.”

Chi Nguyen, Vietnam Familiarization Tour

“It opened my eyes to what Canada is like, especially Toronto! It is a big city, but you don’t feel lost in it.”

Christina Huangda, Indonesia Familiarization Tour

“My experience with Humber Athletics has been amazing! I have been part of the cross country team for the past two years, both years winning first place as a team within the OCAA (Ontario Collegiate Athletic Association).”

Ivon Jaimes Albarran

“Olivia’s journey began in 2015, in her first year as a Hawk. It was an incredible year in which she did not lose a single set. Her performance at the Toronto Open had Olivia with the best showing among anyone in Humber’s storied history at the Open, medalling in multiple events.”

Humber Hawks Release, June 12, 2015

“It’s a great feeling to win, but being recognized for the Athlete of the Year award will always be something very special to me.”

Xing Ux “Adam” Dong

“Being on the Humber Varsity Badminton team allows me to feel comfortable and welcome as a student in Canada. My teammates and supporters at Humber College helped me feel passionate and confident when I competed for gold at Nationals this year. It is an honor representing our great athletic program.”

Phuthita “Boom” Nilyok