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Goal 3

Ensuring that Humber faculty and staff are equipped to support internationalization efforts across the campus

Humber is committed to providing faculty the support and the tools necessary to teach in a diverse classroom and encourage global citizenship.

Staff & Faculty Advancements

The Culturally Inclusive Educator Certificate has now been launched as an online program. Comprised of five courses, it helps to strengthen and enhance participants’ intercultural knowledge, communication, curriculum development and differentiated teaching skills when teaching and supporting international higher education students. Upon completion of the certificate, participants will have developed a framework of actions they can integrate into their own practice.

Facilitators of the Culturally Inclusive Educator Certificate led a pre-conference workshop at Community Colleges for International Development's (CCID) annual conference attended by 50 participants from community colleges across the US with resounding success. The program is now being rolled out to other community colleges across the US.

Connect Program: Academic Workshops for International Students

One of the goals of the Connect Program (collaboratively organized by the International Centre and the Centre for Teaching and Learning) is to improve the academic, social and psychological performance of international students as they transition to life in Canada and at Humber.

Join and Make a Difference

This project offers the opportunity to Humber full- and part-time faculty and staff to volunteer supporting international students. They are encouraged to be part of a “Welcome Team” that will engage with new international students through informal, personalized and friendly social interactions.

The volunteer commitment requires volunteers to:

  1. Attend the Mix & Mingle session.
  2. Attend at least two (2) Connect Program organized events during each term (e.g. Mix & Mingle, International Café, and Potluck and Cupcake Decorating Event, etc.).
  3. Meet with their mentee at least 2 times per term outside of Connect Program organized events.

exploring cultural awareness

Establishing Connections in Denmark

What happens when Humber sends a group of faculty off to make international connections?
Innovative thinking happens.

“We went with a range of people from across Humber. 
Brains were on fire, this created conversations that may not have happened within the confines of our day-to-day jobs.”

Ted Glenn, Business School Faculty

denmark student

Faculty involvement and the internationalization of curriculum is a key driver in the successful implementation of Humber’s Internationalization strategy. In 2015, the International Centre secured funding to engage up to 15 faculty members across the institution on a mission to Denmark in an effort to maximize the impact of partnerships with our counterparts across the Atlantic. Humber's top faculty were selected through a competitive process from across the institution.

“Each of the partner schools we collaborate with in Denmark bring something different to the table – ranging from strengths in design, health and wellness, multimedia, entrepreneurship and innovation, film, social innovation and fashion,” said Diane Simpson.

Once in Denmark, faculty set off to fulfill their individual missions, all coming to the same conclusion, opportunity lives in abundance in the “land of light”.

Proposed ideas ranged from traditional exchanges providing cross-cultural experiences to new initiatives including ‘virtual exchanges’ where students could benefit from an international experience without ever leaving their own classroom.

“Connecting classrooms would create an accessible and enriching experience for all students” says Brad Herd, Humber faculty, The Business School.

In search of a collaborative research project, “How to Globalize Leadership Curriculum at Humber,” Ted Glenn noted that, “they have a completely different interdisciplinary approach, imagine what would happen if we integrate components of that model here at Humber?”

Since returning in May, a number of specific initiatives have been formalized into articulation agreements, semester exchanges and faculty collaborations.


denmark facility

faculty tour