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Goal 5

Advancing initiatives that provide opportunities for faculty and students to contribute to international development initiatives globally

Humber International and the International Development Institute (IDI)

Humber's IDI inspires global citizens to engage in effective and sustainable development. The IDI brings together students, faculty and development partners to contribute to better development globally, through the effective bridging of theory and practice.

Humber's expertise in technology, education, health and wellness, business and social services provides an opportunity for faculty and students to contribute to a wide range of development projects, making a global impact.

Past Projects and Partnerships

For more than three decades, Humber has led numerous projects supporting communities around the globe.

Past projects have included:

  • Malaysia - Curriculum upgrading and design
  • Kenya - Infrastructure, Healthy Living, and Growth
  • Guyana - Caribbean Association for Technical/Vocational Education and Training
  • Zimbabwe - Small Business Development
  • Tanzania - The Rural Microfinance Management Project
  • Bangladesh - Women Entrepreneurship Development
  • Bhutan - Management Development Program

Current Projects

Funded by the Canadian Government and Humber, the Sulawesi Economic Development Strategy Project (SEDS) is a five-year project that will develop the capacity of 7 universities in Sulawesi to design and deliver applied entrepreneurship curriculum, provide business services to student entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and create networking linkages between SME stakeholders.

Launched in 2012, year four marked the transition from a focus on curriculum development for entrepreneurship, to addressing the set up and operation of Business Support Centres (BSCs) and Business Incubators (BIs) to support entrepreneurs. Workshops were held to enhance the knowledge and capacity of SEDS partners towards these goals.

SEDS project team members from partner universities participated in knowledge sharing sessions during a benchmarking visit. Mr. Donald Bobiash, Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia visited the SEDS Project in Man

International Development Institute Internship Program

Through Humber’s Strategic Initiative Fund, 10 Bachelor of International Development students were recruited to participate in an internship program during summer 2015. The students participated in a 2-week pre-departure training program to further improve their cross-cultural communication and technical skills needed to work overseas.

Students worked with Humber’s partner organizations in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi and Sri Lanka where they had the opportunity to learn about sustainable community development projects. The students took on different roles such as interviewing beneficiaries of community development projects and documenting their stories. Other students were tasked with sector analysis research to assist in the development of future community development projects.

International Youth Internship Program (IYIP)

In August 2015, The Business School recruited and trained 20 Canadian youth to participate in the Global Affairs Canada-funded internship program. As part of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy, interns volunteer with Humber’s partner organizations in developing countries such as Save the Children, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief, AMREF Health Africa, and Caritas. The interns’ roles varied, and they contributed to projects that focused on improving health or private sector development. Interns worked in Haiti, Nicaragua, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

IYIP Photo Exhibit and Event

The IYIP project culminated in a community awareness event where interns had the opportunity to educate guests on their projects and share their experiences through a panel discussion and photo exhibit. It was a perfect venue for interns to share their experiences and regional perspectives on challenges and opportunities in international development with a packed room of 120+ guests. The photo exhibit allowed interns to showcase the unique geographical, ethnic, historical, and political features of their host countries through the eyes of a development practitioner.

International Development Week (IDW)

IDW is led by Global Affairs Canada and is celebrated across the country by the Canadian government, colleges, universities, NGOs, and other like-minded organizations and citizens.

The goal of International Development Week (IDW) is to raise awareness in the community about development issues and empower students, faculty and the community at large to take an initiative in supporting international development issues at home and abroad. This year, Humber focused on the theme of “Water” and included industry representatives from some of the world’s largest NGOs including The World Food Programme, Global Medic and World Vision.

Participating in this event helps students better understand the impact of global development issues. Through panel discussions, film screenings, trivia contests and the NGO Marketplace, students can connect learning in the classroom to real-world examples.

In celebration of International Development Week 2016, the Ontario Council for International Cooperation OCIC recognized 3 Humber students from 7 Ontario youth in the Global Changemaker Youth Ambassadors program for their contributions to international cooperation and social justice.

Faculty Delivers Workshop in Indonesia

Two faculty from The Business School designed and delivered a two week workshop in Papua Province, Indonesia, focusing on training needs assessment. The workshop included 40 provincial civil servants and resulted in an Action Plan for the province to carry out a training needs assessment, design a training program for the entire civil service based on the assessment, and deliver the training.

ambassadors to indonesia

nyp student on internship

Participant in IYIP Photo Exhibit and Event

guest speakers

guest speaker

taking it global

Global Changemaker Award-winners. Sarah Judd, Lainey Oleka and Robin Sagi

Humber International

The success of Humber’s Internationalization Strategy is a result of the efforts and commitment of Humber’s dedicated faculty and staff. Humber recognizes the importance of global citizenship and the value of international diversity in our classrooms. The International Centre and its staff also play a pivotal role in supporting internationalization efforts.

In 2015-2016, the International Centre Admissions and Recruitment teams expanded to meet the demands of enrollment growth at Humber and worked to further improve processing times for international applicants.

The International Centre team recruits and serves the unique needs of international students to ensure their success. The Centre also helps develop global opportunities for all students to further enhance their postsecondary experience. The Centre seeks and facilitates international partnerships, supports the internationalization of curriculum, and provides opportunities for all Humber students to benefit from becoming global citizens. Humber has built a strong reputation as a global learning institution and a gateway to global opportunities, as well as strengthening our identity as a leader in polytechnic education.