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Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Since 1999, the provincial government has used annual Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to assess the performance of Ontario colleges in five key areas:

  • Student Satisfaction 
  • Graduate Employment & Satisfaction
  • Employer Satisfaction 
  • Graduation Rate 

KPIs that attract performance funding from the government are: Graduate Satisfaction, Employer Satisfaction and Graduate Employment

2015-2016 KPI Results

Student Satisfaction – 74.2%   (Higher than the GTA average)

  • Higher than the GTA average for the following capstone questions:
  • "The overall quality of knowledge and skills in the college" – 85.4%
  • "The overall quality of the learning experiences in this program"  – 78.4%
  • "The overall quality of the facilities and resources in this college" – 74.5%

Graduate Satisfaction – 77.2% 

Graduate Employment – 82.4%   (Higher than the GTA average)

Employer Satisfaction – 88.4%

Graduation Rate – 63.9%

Additional Information

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