Campus Life

Campus Tours

Book a tour at Humber’s North or Lakeshore Campus.


Humber’s North Campus has everything you need to be successful, all in one place. When you step onto North Campus, you enter a ‘living lab’ with endless learning opportunities for the more than 19,000 students who study there. Sit down to a meal in the Humber Room, our student-run restaurant, hire a student fitness trainer at our fitness centre or visit our high-tech Golf Lab for a swing assessment.


Humber’s Lakeshore Campus is located minutes away from Toronto’s museums, theatres and galleries, but it’s a destination all its own that offers a mix of history and innovation in the vibrant neighbourhood of South Etobicoke.

Healthy & Safe Campus

Humber has set the goal to become the healthiest campus in Canada. We are the first public college or polytechnic in Canada to adopt the Okanagan Charter, an International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges.

We prioritize our students’ safety and wellbeing by providing a wide breadth of comprehensive services including Campus Walk and the Humber Guardian App.

Getting to Campus

Whether you plan to commute, cycle, carpool or drive to campus, getting here is a breeze.