Financial Aid

Ontario Student Assistance

OSAP is a government-sponsored loan and grant program designed to help students in financial need fund their education.

Apply early to find out how much funding you are eligible to receive.

Bursaries & Degree Scholarships

The criteria for bursaries and scholarships includes financial need, academic excellence, extracurricular activities and community involvement. Apply early!

Student Fees & Financial Hub

Let us help you take care of the money part so you can focus on crushing it in class.

Awards & Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of our donors – including faculty and staff, volunteers, retirees, alumni, corporations and friends of Humber – there are hundreds of scholarships available for new and returning students. These scholarships are given in recognition of academic excellence, non-academic achievement earned through merit, and for those who are in financial need.

Jobs on Campus

Working on campus is a great way to get involved, build your network, gain valuable skills and make some extra cash.

$7.6 million is provided in awards, scholarships and financial aid at Humber each year.