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Parents and guardians play an integral role in the education of their student and often want to understand the financial workings of their student’s account because they may ultimately make the payments on the student’s behalf or wish to support them in making smart financial decisions. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) prohibits Humber from discussing details of student accounts without express written permission from the student.

Recognizing the importance of parent and guardian involvement in students’ education, we have provided information about Humber’s financial policies and procedures to ensure you have access to resources regarding fees and accounts.

While we make every effort to communicate with our students regarding important dates, fees and current account status, it is important for students to understand that it is their responsibility to monitor and make payments to their account. All students are responsible to learn and understand Humber’s policies, deadlines and to ask questions if they require clarification. Financial responsibility is a big step and an important one for all students, and your support can help prepare them to make the transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) prohibits Humber from discussing details of student accounts to anyone other than the student. Should a student wish to grant account access to a third party, they must submit a written third party authorization (Release of Information) form prior to releasing account information. Please review Humber’s privacy policy for detailed information.

Ancillary fees support student services and activities distinct from academic programming or the College’s general operating costs. Ancillary fees contribute to activities delivered by Humber and IGNITE, Humber’s student union.

Humber sends monthly statements throughout the academic year when students have outstanding fees; however, the easiest way to obtain a statement of your student’s account is to have them log into MyHumber and access their student account. The amount owed to the College is updated automatically whenever the student makes a payment or registration change on their account.

All students must pay an annual, mandatory, non-refundable tuition deposit before registering for courses. The remaining tuition balance will be due after course registration. Due dates vary depending on the term. For more information, visit the academic calendar.

Humber does not accept in-person payments.

The easiest payment method is Online Banking through your financial institution. The Humber username/student ID (e.g. N00000000) is the ‘account number/reference number’, and Humber College is the ‘payee’. Online banking will help you/the student avoid payment delays.

Payments may also be made through MyHumber using Visa or MasterCard but a service fee will apply. The service fee is billed at a rate of 1.75 per cent of the payment amount and is paid directly to Moneris Solutions.

Review Humber’s Fee Payment Methods for detailed information and available payment options.

Once the payment due date passes, late charges will be applied to all unpaid amounts. Additionally, Humber may also financially de-register students who fail to settle their financial account (pay in full or have an arrangement for payment) by the published payment deadline. Financial de-registration is the removal of all courses in a specific term, and students will be responsible for all fees owed to the College. Dates and deadlines are posted on the academic calendar.

Many parents have opened RESPs for their student’s education. In order to release the funds, your RESP provider requires a confirmation of academic standing or enrolment from the College. These forms can either be delivered by mail, fax or in-person to the attention of the Office of the Registrar. The student must be enrolled in courses for the specific term to have the RESP form verified by the Office of the Registrar.

Students receiving funding through OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) must be registered full-time at Humber for the term(s) in which their OSAP was approved. Humber will confirm the student’s full-time enrolment and notify the ministry of the outstanding balance to be paid directly to the College. The remaining amount, if applicable, will be released to the bank account provided to National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). Visit National Student Loans Service Centre to verify and/or make changes to the student’s banking information.

Students are responsible for paying the tuition deposit due prior to course registration as OSAP is not released until the beginning of the study period.

Scholarships and bursaries are automatically deducted from the amount owing for the current term and will display on the student's account as ‘Anticipated Aid’.

Should the scholarship/bursary be greater than the amount owing on the student’s account, a refund will be issued as a cheque and sent to the address on the student’s MyHumber account after the tenth day of the term, provided the student is still registered full-time.

Please visit Tax Receipts (T2202) for answers to common tax form questions.

Please visit for more information about the refund process. In general, all requests for refunds must be received no later than day 10 from the beginning of the term.

If the student is covered under your health and/or dental plan, they may be eligible to opt-out of Humber’s insurance plan and receive a refund for premiums paid. Information about opting out and opt-out dates can be found on the IGNITE website.

Visit for detailed information about room rates, payment deadlines and other important dates.