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COE/COG Requests

For your convenience, you can now view and print official Confirmation of Enrollment and/or Confirmation of Graduation documents onMyHumber.

Here are the simple steps to access your Confirmation of Enrollment or Confirmation of Graduation documents on MyHumber:

  • Log in to MyHumber
  • Click the Student tab, followed by the Student Records tab.
  • Click Confirmation of Enrollment/Confirmation of Graduation to view and print your required documents.

Please view the Academic Calendar to find out when graduation statuses will be available for your final term. 

Confirmation of Enrollment and/or Confirmation of Graduation documents will no longer be mailed out as you can now view and print these documents on MyHumber at any time.

If you need a COE/COG sent to a third party directly from Humber, please email for North Campus for Lakeshore Campus. In your email, include your full name, Humber user name and a phone number you can be reached at. You must also specify if you require a COE and/or COG, and what address the document(s) need to be mailed to.

Transcripts can also be requested through MyHumber. Additional information can be found here.

Attention OSAP Students: You do not need this Confirmation of Enrollment document for OSAP. Click here to learn more about Confirmation of Enrolment for OSAP purposes.

Educational Verification Forms (for RESPs, Employment, Loans, Scholarships, etc.):

During semester start-up, students that need a form filled out by the Office of the Registrar to confirm their student status can make their request via one of the 2 methods listed below.

Important: Tuition deposits must be paid and students must have registered into courses before the form can be filled out. 

All educational verification form completion requests will be completed within 3-5 business days.

  1. Scan the document that needs to be filled out and email it to with “Education Verification” as the subject.  Students must include their full name, Humber user name and contact information with their request. Students can choose whether the verification is mailed, emailed or held at the Office of the Registrar for pick-up.
  2. Bring the document that needs to be filled out to the main desk at the Office of the Registrar (North Campus - 1st Floor of the new Learning Resource Commons building and Lakeshore Campus - A118).