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Through challenging times, the Humber Community came together like never before to support others in need by providing advice, resources and uplifting messages.


Richard Alvarez, Paramedic, 2003, who is also a Humber professor, relies on experience and critical thinking as he and his team at Peel Regional Paramedic Services help those in need.
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Justin Sostarich, Police Foundations, 2018 talks teamwork and supporting vulnerable individuals during the COVID-19 crisis while maintaining his health.
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michael ballard

Michael Ballard, Marketing, 1978, President and CEO, Resiliency for Life - "Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people." ― Courtesy, Roy T. Bennett (Author)
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deren hasip

Deren Hasip, Business Management – Financial Services, 1998, the Founder / Senior Mortgage Agent at Mortgage Scout Inc., supports customers with ongoing challenges due to COVID-19.
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global medic

Rahul Singh, Paramedic, 1993, Executive Director at GlobalMedic, provides life-saving aid in the aftermath of disasters. In responding to needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, they are carrying out a series of programs designed to assist institutions and people affected by the outbreak. Rahul and GlobalMedic also teamed up with Humber to fight food insecurity.
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one good thing

Joyce Grant, Creative Writing, 2008, is an author behind the website In an effort to share positive content during COVID-19, she started One Good Thing. With several posts per week, One Good Thing offers something fun, useful, helpful, positive, or delightful. For instance, a virtual roller coaster from Canada's Wonderland or examples of sidewalk games and art or a musical collaboration. In addition, she pairs each post with an illustration by a Canadian illustrator. The Canadian kidlit community has been very supportive of One Good Thing, and Scholastic Canada has been an enthusiastic supporter of the project.
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Stephanie Williams, Public Relations, 2011, is a Student Services Officer in the Marketing & Communications Department for a Naturopathic School in Toronto. She encourages others to keep their daily routines while working from home. Continue to put on your business attire, and find a comfortable spot to work. Track your efforts on paper, make to-do lists to help manage your time, and take breaks! Self-care is so important. Take time to cook your lunches, do 15 minutes of yoga and stretching, phone a family member or friend, or watch a funny video online. Another important piece is mindfulness. Be in the present, and acknowledge your feelings during this time.

COVID-19 will subside. None of us know when, and it is out of our control. So, during this time, let's focus on the things we can control, and hone in on what we want to do for ourselves to help cope, learn, and improve. Learn a new language with Duolingo. If you have a Toronto Public Library card, there are plenty of online books, audiobooks, magazines, music, and eLearning resources available. Lastly, stay connected as best you can. Video chat via Skype or WhatsApp, or whatever platform you prefer, just stay connected! Keep your thoughts positive, journal about how you're feeling each day, and find a new hobby or task to help you feel better about everything that's happening.

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Margaret Good, Architectural Design Technology, 1978, is now a best-selling author, coach, and speaker who has transformed lives by showing others that success, wealth, and living abundantly is simple with basic life altering principles.

The former director of the Brampton Caledon chapter of the Zonta Club – an international service organization for the health and wellbeing of women and children – she is a current member of the Hamilton chapter. The Zonta Club is celebrating its 100th anniversary in September 2020, and in the face of COVID-19 is donating fragrance-free hand creams to the YWCA and hospitals to help with damaged skin left by personal protective equipment.

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