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Joe Costa, Film and Television Production, 1995, is a video producer and the owner of 2 Thumbs Up Productions. Hear his sentiments for the creative and artistic communities.
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rob wong

Rob Wong, Radio Broadcasting, 2007, shares experiences and advice as a sports media member navigating COVID-19.
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marcia brown

Marcia Brown, Liberal Arts and Sciences, 1987; Early Childhood Education, 2006, and the Founder and Executive Director at Trust 15, shares her thoughts and experiences through COVID-19.
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radeana montgomery

RaDeana Montgomery, Journalism, 1992, specializes in social media marketing and video production at Bethell Hospice Foundation. A seasoned storyteller, she is also the owner and founder of RAM Media, a Video Production & Social Media company. To support those in need during COVID-19, she started a mask-making company, producing over 300 masks (and counting). With each mask made, one is also donated to SickKids. See her thank you video to frontline workers.
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Baldev Mutta, Social Service Worker, 1990, is the CEO of Punjabi Community Health Services, an accredited, charitable not-for-profit empowering diverse communities and individuals. He believes the ability of human beings to support each other through mutual aid will win, and we will get over this pandemic just like we have overcome calamities in the past. Baldev is working with seniors who had never used Zoom as a virtual tool before and are now talking to each other every day. This is the resilience that gives him the strength that we shall persevere.
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kim shelley

Kimberlee Shelley, Paralegal Education, 2010, is a Human Resources professional, community and political activist, RBC Top 25, and Brampton TOP 40 Under 40 Recipient. These are indeed trying times. It’s like nothing many of us have seen before, and we have all been affected directly or indirectly, physically or emotionally, mentally, socially, or economically. But amid chaos, there is also opportunity. It’s a time to reflect, recharge, and refocus to get ready for the times after COVID-19. For those in a position to do so, it’s also an opportunity to give back, be it dropping off donations to a local food bank or donating to initiatives like Humber’s Support our students (SOS) Fund, put in place to ease financial burdens caused by this pandemic.

I want to encourage everyone to stay positive and take things one day at a time. Try to keep whatever sense of normalcy you can while maintaining social distancing. Get up each day, meditate, workout, have a nice breakfast and get dressed even though you might be working from home. These routines will ultimately help you mentally. Also, it’s the perfect opportunity to check-in on friends, family members, elderly, and those working through challenges with mental health. Call if you can rather than text . Now more than ever, we have the time.

Finally, to all the frontline workers, doctors, grocery store clerks, and everyone in between, you are the true heroes in all of this. Thank you for your service.

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Aparup Dhar, International Marketing, 2001, and his company BABUNI, are a small business in Toronto known for their extra virgin olive oils (EVOO), and additional gourmet foods. During this unprecedented time, BABUNI has been supporting local communities by offering a bottle of their classic Italian EVOO to food banks for every bottle sold. BABUNI is also a proud partner of SickKids, donating a portion of sales to the Hospital’s foundation.
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Sanchari Sen Rai, Immigration Consultant, 2019, is the Co-Founder & CEO of Education Consultants Canada (ECC). To give support to others during COVID-19, she is volunteering to deliver food and groceries, specifically for the international student community and seniors, as well as donating to local food banks.

Quarantine can have some moments of beauty. It is a moment to slow down and reflect on what we typically take for granted. It is appreciating the beauty of spring and summer. It is an opportunity to restore connections. It gives us time to reflect on our own compassion, strength, resilience, and focus. It gives us a chance to be grateful, kind, helpful, and make a positive impact on people around us in our own way. Something that the incredible group of frontline professionals are doing EVERY DAY! Finally, it is an opportunity to delve into something creative or in a learning capacity that we longed for!

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