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David O'Connell, Multimeda Design, 1997

Athena O'Connell, Civil Engineering Technology - Environmental Profile, 1999

How did you meet?

Athena is gorgeous and always made an entrance into the room, so I naturally noticed her immediately.

We met at Humber’s North Campus while taking an elective class. It was a sunny day and some of the windows were open, when all of a sudden a bird flew into the room. We were all trying to catch the bird and eventually we did and brought it outside. There was a group of students there who all thought it was hilarious we released a bird from our jacket like a magician. They started shouting “abracadabra!”


Tell us about your first date?

A lot of our time together was spent meeting between classes and walking around the grounds at the College. One of our first dates was at the Humber pub.

Dave also asked me once to head over to his place for a study date where we played classical music together…and the rest is history!


Tell us about your proposal?

After Athena graduated, we talked about starting our own company and one day I said “well, let’s get married!”

David and Athena hugging each other

Athena and David sitting down talking


Tell us about your wedding?

All of Dave’s family from Ireland came to visit and celebrate with us for our wedding. Even though I was full of butterflies, the only person I wanted to look at was Dave.


Anything else you'd like to share?

Dave is my soulmate, best friend, business partner and companion. You know when you meet someone for the first time and think, “oh, that person is interesting”. All I wanted to do was learn more about him and spend all of my time with him.