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Athena D’Amato, Public Relations, 2007

Jordan Bushell, Film and Television Production, 2009

How did you meet?

Jordan and I met at Humber at our friend Daniela’s residence. We didn't start dating until years later when we connected again at Daniela’s wedding.


Tell us about your first date?

I don’t remember our first date, but our second date was probably funnier. We went to Adelaide Street Pub. We both love hot food, so Jordan told the Jamaican chef to make the wings as spicy as possible and I said “sure I’ll have the same.” I ate one wing and literally cried. I didn’t know food could hurt like that. Jordan finished both plates of wings and the heat competition has continued ever since.


Do you remember the first time you said “I love you”?

The first time we said I love you was on our first trip together to New York City.

Athena and Jordan overlooking the view on a cliff

Athena and Jordan posing with an elephant

Athena and Jordan with their dog

Tell us about your engagement?

We got engaged on December 27, 2019, after climbing Mt. Batur together in Bali.