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Connie Murphy, Public Relations, 1976

Paul Murphy, Public Relations, 1976

How did you meet?

In September 1975, I entered my third year of the Public Relations program at Humber’s North Campus. Because the course was about communication and presentation, my classmates and I were commandeered to man an information booth for the first week. We answered questions, provided directions and welcomed new students at the main entrance. We noticed that one fellow strolled by our table a lot. The next thing I knew, he approached and said “Aren’t you in the third year of PR? Do you have any books to sell?”

Paul Murphy, better known as “Murph,” had just enrolled as a mature student to study PR as well. Apparently, he noticed me at a gathering the day before and kept walking by the information desk to check me out further. Within a few weeks, we were a couple. The rest is history. That cute blonde man and I will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary in August.


Tell us about your first date?

Like most college couples, we were pretty much broke, so “fancy” dates were few and far between. Most “dates” happened at school – meals and snacks in the cafeteria (can still taste those oatmeal muffins!) and the Humber Pub (where Paul was a bouncer), dancing to bands headlined by Carol Pope and Robert E. Lee (oh man, am I dating myself!). Of course, there were great parties and long drives in Paul’s hunter green MGB convertible. We enjoyed walks downtown on Yonge Street (where Paul would present me with a rose) and we once went to a bar called “Couples.” Bliss! Camping trips and cottage weekends with friends – we were always on the go! There were lots of “I love yous” – and, naturally, a few arguments too.


Tell us about your wedding?

A year later Paul “popped the question” and we set August 19, 1977, as the wedding date. The event was attended by some Humber friends, in fact, one of my bridesmaids had been a classmate of Paul’s.

Connie and Paul cutting the wedding cake on their wedding day

Connie and Paul playing with their grand daughter

Connie and Paul having dinner with friends


Anything else you'd like to share?

We soon moved from Toronto to London and then Orillia, where our children, Bryan and Dawn, were born. Careers took us to Barrie in 1987, and we’ve called it home ever since. Our children are now 36 and 39. They remain the focus of our lives, along with their spouses and our granddaughter Bridgette, who will be two in February.

Both Paul and I did well with our Humber education. We are now semi-retired – both of us do consulting for our former employers. It’s a good life! We boat together, do a little travelling together; he’s the king of the lawn and I’m the ruler of the house! More than education happens at college. Love does too. We are grateful to have found both and each other at Humber College.

"More than education happens at college. Love does too."