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humber gives

Humber Gives is our annual fundraising initiative where Humber employees and members of the Humber community raise much needed funds for Humber students.

Message from our Co-chairs

“Humber Gives has given me the opportunity to honour my late sister, Angela Iacobucci, and her dedication to leadership, and education for underprivileged students.”

Alvina Cassiani
Dean, School of Business  
Humber Gives Campaign Co-Chair 2018

“I enthusiastically support Humber Gives because the campaign supports students.  Heroic students whose dedication to their education is awe inspiring. Students who achieve outstanding grades in spite of facing financial challenges. We all teach students like this. They deserve our respect and support. Yet, sadly, many will not get scholarships because of insufficient funds. By donating to Humber Gives, I help ensure that every deserving student will graduate.”

Denny Young
Professor and Program Coordinator, Fundraising Management Program
School of Media Studies & Information Technology
Humber Gives Campaign Co-Chair 2018

Ways to Give

Payroll deduction

Making your donation by payroll is quick and easy. Click on the link, designate your gift, choose your amount per pay. Everything is done automatically, including the total amount of the year’s donation on your T4.


Donate online using your VISA or MasterCard. If you collect reward points or cash back through credit card purchases, you can set up a monthly gift or make a one-time gift.


Donations can be made by cheque, payable to Humber College. Cheques can be dropped off or mailed to:

Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
Advancement and Alumni,
c/o Cynthia Luey
205 Humber College Boulevard, LRC 5th Floor,
Toronto, ON M9W 5L7


To make a donation by phone, or for more information on how to support the Humber Gives campaign, please call Cynthia Luey: 416.675.6622 ext. 4975.

Why support Humber Gives?

See what donors and students are saying


“My scholarship has given me the confidence and inspiration to do even better. A big stress load is now gone and this has made the entire Humber experience worth living!”

— Rewa
General Arts and Science - University Transfer


“Why Humber Gives? I put my money where my heart is. For the price of a couple of lattes, I can walk the talk. Anything we can do to make it easier for students to come to Humber – that’s what I want to do.”

— Alison Maclean
Program Co-ordinator/Professor,
Creative Book Publishing


“This help is a big, big relief. With the help of a scholarship, I put the money toward my tuition for the Nursing Program and now I have more hours to study.”

— Osa
First Year, Bachelor of Nursing


“When I first heard about Humber Gives, I said, sign me up! This is my community, my second home and the campaign is my opportunity to give back. I received bursaries from Humber. They helped a lot, alleviated stress, and helped me get through my program. Humber is my place of education, work, and today it feels like home.”

— Daniel Castillo-Sanchez
Manager, Financial Aid, Office of the Registrar


“This scholarship helps so much! I have two part-time jobs to help make ends meet. This support will help by giving me the opportunity to reduce my work hours, thereby giving me more time to study. Thank you for supporting Humber students!”

— Fanda
Second Year, Traditional Chinese Medicine


“I talk to my students, I know what they face, day-to-day. Many students struggle with money issues so that is why I help with my donation to Humber Gives. I also invite some international students into my home for a home cooked meal every year to celebrate Chinese New Year together. It’s the little things that help to make them feel welcome and comfortable.”

— Linda Chao
Associate Director, International Recruitment
and Market Development, Asia


“I’ve been part of the payroll deduction plan since I started working here and this year I have decided to increase my contribution. It is my duty to provide help, now that I am able. I want to do my part to help students focus on school work and that’s what helps them progress.”

— Nate Tysdal
Compensation and Benefits Specialist,
Human Resources


“My professors encouraged me to apply for scholarships. It was amazing to receive this support and to be recognized. It made me feel really good, and it makes me want to work even harder. I can do it!.”

— Tinapreet
Second Year, Bachelor of Behavioural Science


“I received scholarship help and as a student it made all the difference to me. It was one of my goals to start giving back as soon as I could. I started a named annual scholarship and I want to start another one in the near future.”

— Risha Toney
Recruitment Advisor, Office of the Registrar


“I’ve been a part of Humber Gives since the beginning. As a Humber Alumnus, I also owe an enormous debt to the College for the fulfillment of my career dreams. Helping students succeed is how I pay it forward.”

— Peter Madott
Associate Dean, The Business School

Host a fundraising event

Show your team spirit. Gather your colleagues, department, classes, or lunch friends and raise money for Humber student scholarships. Consider hosting an on-campus fundraiser to support our students. Email or call ext. 4975 to learn more.

Contact Us

For more information about the Humber Gives campaign, please email: or call 416.675.6622 ext. 4975.

To establish your own named award, email: or call 416.675.6622 ext. 5480.