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Co-Curricular Record Certified Learning

Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber students have the opportunity to have their participation in Humber Arboretum educational events acknowledged on the formal CCR transcript provided by their school.

The Humber Arboretum offers numerous free workshops and educational experiences throughout the year related to ecology, gardening, and sustainability. Participating in as few as two CCR Certified events can earn students an activity listing on their Co-Curricular Record:

Level One Learner

Attend at least two (2) Humber Arboretum workshops or public events which have been designated as CCR eligible. 

But why stop at Level One?

Specialized Learner: Gardening

Attend at least four (4) Humber Arboretum events that have been designated as eligible for the CCR Gardening Specialty. Options could include gardening workshops facilitated by the Etobicoke Master Gardeners, one-off Lunch and Learns on gardening for the environment, or planting events.

Specialized Learner: Nature and Ecology

Attend at least four (4) Humber Arboretum events that have been designated as eligible for the CCR Nature and Ecology Specialty. Options could include birding and citizen science workshops held in association with Bird Studies Canada, conservation events run by the TRCA, Lunch and Learns run by Arboretum staff, hands-on workshops removing invasive species, or other activities. 

Specialized Learner: Eco-Systems Thinking (New for 2018/19!)

For this specialized credit, students will need to take part in four SPECIFIC Lunch and Learns and take part in a reflection activity at the end of each:

This new credit is aligned with Humber College's ILO Project.

What is a Co-Curricular Record?

CCR Certified Logo

Provided to students by Humber College or the University of Guelph-Humber, the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a formal record of a student's skill development that has taken place outside of the classroom. This additional transcript is intended to support the student's future applications for employment or other opportunities. 


  • Watch the Event Calendar on the Humber Arboretum website. Check individual event listings to see if they are eligible to count toward a Humber Arboretum Learner CCR (the event page will have the CCR certified logo)
  • You are responsible for registering for the events in advance (if applicable). 
  • When you arrive, check in on the regular registration with other attendees (if applicable)
  • Learn and enjoy!
  • At the end of the event you must sign out with Arboretum staff on the CCR Learner’s sheet and indicate to which categor(ies) you are applying the workshop. Eligible events may be counted toward both a Level One designation and ONE Specialty designation, but not both specialties.
  • After you have participated in the required number of learning activities, you can apply to have your experience validated through the CCR portal (watch the video tutorial as a guide)