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Private and Corporate Events

Reduce the ecological footprint of your organization’s next event and inspire your attendees by booking the LEED Gold-Certified Centre for Urban Ecology, one of the greenest buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. Glass walls provide a beautiful view of nature in the city and, after your event, you can get outside to enjoy a tour or take advantage of one of our many team-building activities. Whether it’s a corporate meeting, a company party, or a fundraiser for your non-profit, let the serene beauty of the Humber Arboretum be the backdrop for your next event.

The Venue

The Centre for Urban Ecology is a two-story building with walk-up access to both levels and a staff-operated lift offering indoor accessibility. The upper level looks out over the arboretum grounds and is ideal for professional meetings and receptions, with flexible layouts available. The lower level, regularly used for the Humber Arboretum’s environmental education programs, works well for hands-on activities. Both levels are available for booking as your event requires, but please be aware that nature education material displayed on the lower level will not be taken down.

Some of the options we can provide with your booking include seating for up to 90 on the upper level (without tables), 5-ft rectangular or 4-ft round tables, black tablecloths, a projection screen and low-power projector, and a TV screen and HDMI cable which can connect to a laptop. Other A/V equipment can be rented for an additional cost.

Team-Building and Tours

team building tours

While you’re using the Centre for Urban Ecology, don’t pass up the chance to get out and experience the grounds of the Humber Arboretum. You can add a tour, customized workshop, or Ecological Corporate Team Building activity to your private event booking. Learn more about our team-building options below, or visit the Tours and Activities page for other options. 

Ecological Corporate Team Building

ecological corporate team building

This interactive program consists of leadership building, as well as character and teamwork skill improvement. Each activity will focus on a variety of skills, including communication, cooperation, and planning. You can choose how many events will be part of the programming. Options include shelter building, scavenger hunts, the leaf match challenge, natural raft races, the egg drop challenge, and dam building.

Work as one group to collect natural materials and construct a sturdy lean-to in the woods.

Break into teams to find and identify objects in nature. Your hunt can explore different ecosystems such as the wetland, river, meadow, forest, and gardens, or choose a themed scavenger hunt to have your group focus in on a feature such as soils, trees, or plants.

Teams are given a set of leaves and head out in a race to find and collect a matching set from the trees and plants around the site. We can adjust the level of difficulty to suit your group.

Work in teams to design and build a raft out of natural, found materials then see which raft fares best in a race down the Humber River.

Teams must design and build a case using only natural materials that can protect an egg during a fall.

Teams work together to collect natural materials and build a structure that holds up against the flow of water.