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Collaboration with Consortium Partners

Date: June 30, 2021

Our partners came together to provide Professional Development sessions exclusively for Humber faculty & staff on new technology and products.

  • June 1st Javelin hosted a workshop on 3D scanning technology that had inter-faculty participation: Laboratory Specialists from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellness joined and members of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Great amount of interest in this topic which led to a follow up session hosted by FMCA’s David Neumann and Cory Avery on June 10th. More 3D scanning workshops to come.
  • June 2nd KUKA hosted “Exploring KUKA’s Connectivity with Rockwell”. The webinar introduced participants to KUKA’s newest controller: the KR C5, and a few technologies that can be used in combination with Rockwell’s PLCs.
  • June 7-9th DMG Mori did a refresher training for our Technologists on the DMU 50 CNC Machine.
  • June 14-16th FESTO travelled to the Barrett CTI to conduct in-person training for a small group of Humber faculty and staff on the Cyber-Physical Factory.
  • June 15th ROCKWELL showcased their Emulate3D™ digital twin software. Users can create their machine and put it through its process in the digital world before building it in the real world. Can also train people in this virtual environment.

If you wish to receive information or recordings from these sessions, please email:

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