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Project Highlights: Jan - March 2020

Many exciting projects were underway during the first part of the year.

From January 1, 2020 to March 13, 2020, the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation facilitated 36 projects from different faculties.

100+ students have worked on projects in the facility and have used its resources.

Over 70% of total projects have direct industry involvement. Others have potential industry alliance or will be/have been exposed to various companies post completion.

To highlight just a few of them:

KUKA Robot KR3 R540 Design and Build: The project entailed building and programming Interactive Educational Display units provided by KUKA Robotics.There were four separate projects dedicated to KUKA robotic arms, providing students with hands-on experience.

Morse Breath Controller: An accessible controller made for people suffering from motor neuron diseases such as ALS and Parkinson's.

SEW Brick Sleeve: This project required the team to build an application for an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) device. The project aimed to design and fabricate a larger tolling plate for the “Bricks' style" AGV. This is to allow for the handling of large size but lightweight payloads. The design also required the relocation and possible addition of safety components and a review of the safety concept.

Alchemy Thugs: A virtual reality game focused on using different types of interactions to earn resources and accomplish tasks within a laboratory space. As the player completes challenges, they unlock more areas of the lab and more challenges. The end goal is to create a Virtual Playground for the user, which ultimately allows them to focus on the tasks they find most fun/interesting.

Industrial Design Second Year Chair Project: Humber College’s second year students in the Industrial Design program were given a design theme to base their chair designs; this year it was educational spaces. The students used the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation as their grounds for research and inspiration. They also used one of the project rooms in the Barrett CTI as a clean room and staging space to assemble and put final touches on their designs. The Chair Show was held on March 10th at the Barrett CTI where industry professionals reviewed the various exhibits and winners were announced, marking a very memorable 20th anniversary of this special event.

kuka project

morse breath controller

brick sleeve design

alchemy thugs

student building a chair

student presenting a project