Humber Logo and Sub-Brand Logo Artwork

Logo and Sub-Brand Logo artwork is below for download.

The primary Humber logo is comprised of the H symbol and the word Humber. The H symbol should never stand alone from the word Humber.

When using the Humber logo please follow these guidelines:

All departments that are not listed within a Faculty or Business Unit are to use the primary logo:

  • Office of The Registrar & Enrolment Management Services, Facilities Management, Human Resources
  • Internal councils and committees such as Academic Council and Board of Governors
  • Signage
  • Promotional items (mugs, pens)

Sub-brand logos consist of the primary logo combined with a Faculty, Centre of Innovation or business unit name.

Primary Logo

Humber College Logo - Blue and Gold

Two colour (Humber Blue and Gold)​

Humber College Logo - Black

One colour (Black)

One colour (Humber Blue)

One colour for dark backgrounds (White)

Humber College Logo - Dark Backgrounds White and Gold

Two colour for dark backgrounds (White and Gold)

Humber College Logo - Two-colour and Centered.

Two colour; centered (White and Gold)

Sub-Brand Logos - Schools and Business Units

Business Units

If you have questions regarding the above logos, please contact Marie Kyrinis, Senior Marketing and Brand Specialist at