Student Information

Nursing Student doing hands-on practice

What Students Need to Know and Do
Before Coming to Campus

Employee Information

Professor explaining concept on whiteboard

What Employees Need to Know and Do
Before Coming to Campus

  • Watch your inbox for an email from Humber with the Return to Campus Agreement. Please follow the instructions to complete and submit the agreement.  More information.
  • Download the Humber Guardian App (Apple Store, Google Play Store) and complete the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Form daily.
  • Watch the videos for some health and wellness best practices.
  • See employee-specific COVID-19 updates and FAQs here.
  • Speak to your manager if you have questions and ensure that you complete any required health and safety training.

Health and Safety Measures

With enhanced safety measures and guidelines to protect all participants, approximately 350 students and apprentices have been given the opportunity to return to campus in July and August to complete in-person requirements from the Winter and Summer terms.

The COVID-19 Resuming On-campus Operations Steering Committee, established to plan and lead the implementation of all initiatives related to the college’s reopening, is working with the Faculties of Health Sciences & Wellness and Applied Sciences & Technology, along with the Education Training Solutions department to ensure the appropriate physical distancing during course delivery and the appropriate use of screening and PPE.

New measures include:

  • Screening protocol in place for each time learners and employees access facilities
  • Required health and safety training and orientation
  • Reduced class sizes based on the size of physical training spaces to support physical distancing
  • Provision of masks by Humber to students and staff/faculty
  • Masks are mandatory on campus
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization of equipment, tools and spaces
  • Where physical distancing is not possible, the introduction of additional health and safety protocols

The health and well-being of our community remains our top priority as we gradually reopen our campuses. An alternate format of a Daily COVID-19 Self Assessment can be found here.

We ask that if a member of the Humber community has or thinks they may have COVID-19, that they report it confidentially to the following designated staff:

New Signage

In addition to health and safety measures, you will see new signage throughout our campus and facilities, informing our community about physical distancing and areas that are open and closed, and more. Here are some examples.

Round Sign - Please stay 2m (6ft) apart
Blue triangle with arrow point forward and text Please stay 2m (6ft) apart
Protect against COVID-19 - Wash Your Hands Often sign
Protect against COVID-19 - Face Mask Image - Face Mask/Covering Must Be Worn In This Area
Protect against COVID-19 - please help our community stay safe. Sanitize your hands and practise physical distancing when entering thge campus.
Protect against COVID-19 - Please sanitize your hands before and after using this Pay Parking machine.
Protect against COVID-19 - Stop Sign - Elevator and 2nd Floor are Closed.
Protect against COVID-19 - stay 6ft (2m) apart - thank you for physical distancing