About Us

The Centre for Creative Business Innovation serves as a nexus for research creation, creative and critical thinking, and business innovation. Building on Humber’s strengths of facilities, resources and talent, CCBI will foster collaboration across disciplines in order to develop creative solutions that can be subsequently implemented and commercialized.

Humber’s Centre for Creative Business Innovation (CCBI) is a hub for problem finders, solution builders and innovative creators. We work with industry partners to build and then manage cross-disciplinary teams of students, faculty experts and industry partners to help you leverage change and boost business through uncertain times.

The CCBI helps businesses and communities reap the benefits of creativity-driven innovation. In an era of digital disruption and growing competitive pressures, creativity is a key driver of competitive advantage and business success.

CCBI research projects involve three partners: a community/industry partner, and cross-disciplinary teams of Humber students and faculty. The process begins with a community or industry-based individual or organization looking for a creative and innovative solution to a real-world challenge. Humber students and faculty work alongside the community/industry partner to identify, test, and implement potential solutions

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