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What is AFFECT?

AFFECT is a post-secondary design challenge that explores not only how design can change the way we act, but also how we feel about our world.

AFFECT seeks to engage students on critical issues, exploring creative solutions and concepts for problems facing our public services and institutions. In addition to exploring how designed products and services can solve problems, AFFECT questions how design can change the way people feel about their environments, their communities, and their own place within those.

You can view the 2021 AFFECT challenge and outcomes here: AFFECT 2021


This year's AFFECT design challenge is presented in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

The challenge students will be tackling this year is: "As we emerge from a period of great change, what might museums such as the AGO offer as playful and inspiring art experiences for visitors?"


  • First place: $250 Amazon gift card, a virtual mentoring opportunity with the Art Gallery of Ontario, and a gift package to visit the upcoming exhibition, I Am Here.
  • Second and third place: $75 Amazon gift card

How to participate:

For more information about the challenge and how to participate, you can download the challenge brief below.

Timeline and Eligibility

All submissions must be received before midnight (11:59pm) on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

This challenge is open to Humber College students enrolled in either a design-focused discipline (UX, graphic design, interior, web design, landscape, industrial, etc) or a related discipline (arts, media, business).

Students must be actively enrolled in a program at the time of the submission, or have completed the program within the previous 4 weeks. Students may submit individually, or in small groups. Submissions generated as part of a course curriculum or course project are welcome.

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