Speaker Series : Graffiti Art Culture and Professional Practice

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Led by Evond Blake (Mediah), this three-part speaker series on Feb 9,10 and 11th gave a fully rounded picture of what it’s like to build a career practice around the art form known as Graffiti.  

Session One: Mediah shared his knowledge gained from his 25 years' experience as a graffiti artist and provided context about graffiti art street culture and drawing.  

Session Two: In the second event, participants learned how to build a professional path that is customized and authentic to individual influences, styles, and experiences.  

Session Three: In the last session, Evond spoke about how to innovate with your brand and build multiple streams of revenue to support an on-going artistic practice and career.  

Mediah - BIO

MEDIAH is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist who weaves graffiti/street art forms with painterly techniques and digital media to create cinematic environments. Heavily inspired by avionics, mechanical engineering and schematics, MEDIAH’s abstract work utilizes speed, motion, dynamism, and force to depict otherworldly dimensions.
With a career spanning 25 years, MEDIAH is described as ‘one of the most respected and revered graffiti artists in Canada’ due to his extensive and prolific career painting large-scale murals, participating in solo and group art exhibitions, and creating immersive, cinematic video and animation productions.

MEDIAH’s industry experience in broadcast design, motion graphics, VFX and video post production combined with his 25 year graffiti, contemporary art career has given him a unique toolset which allows him to create immersive environments that combine animation, digital media, graffiti, and traditional fine art which can then be manipulated in real-time. MEDIAH produces his fine art and immersive projects in his state of the art IAH Digital art facility that specializes in fine art, print production, animation, VR, VFX, and video post-production.

The CCBI Speaker series addresses current industry trends and opportunities for innovation where members of the Humber Community and Industry have identified a need for education and / or discussion. The CCBI team works with internal departments at Humber College such as Continuous Professional Learning to identify topics of interest and then reaches out to industry professionals and subject matter experts to produce a cutting edge presentation, discussion or workshop.  

The CCBI Speaker Series is geared towards emerging and mid-career professionals in a variety of industries. Students who attend CCBI Speaker Series events will gain perspective on the most current and relevant issues facing their industry making them more competitive and prepared for professional employment once they graduate.  

Attending a CCBI Speaker series event gives participants an opportunity to network with their peers and in some cases interact with speakers and panelists, a great opportunity to build your professional network and connect with informed and innovative minds. 

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