Culture's Compass

Culture’s Compass is an exciting and free two-day conference showcasing a wide array of panelists, performers, and artists. It seeks to highlight themes that are relevant to the current arts and culture climate, as well as highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of industry professionals and artists. Culture’s Compass is not only an initiative project that brings together the arts and culture community, but a space to innovate and envision the future possibilities of the arts.  

This year’s Culture’s Compass will be presented in partnership with cultural institutions from Toronto to continue conversations on the questions raised during the CivicLabTO summit. Students will have the opportunity to network and work alongside industry leaders whilst engaging in the production of the conference.


Applications for the 2022 Culture's Compass Fellowship are currently closed! Applications for the 2023 Fellowships are anticipated to open in the spring of 2023.

Past years

To view the past years of Culture's Compass projects, check out the Culture's Compass website. The report on the 2021 Culture's Compass outcomes is also available for download.