Intercultural & Creative Music Fellowship

This fellowship is offered in partnership with the Aga Khan Museum. The Intercultural & Creative Music Fellowship is a new project with an aim to foster a greater intercultural understanding of Muslim heritage in the world of music, while also helping emerging and early career artists achieve greater professional experience.

With an emphasis on community and collaboration, Humber and the AgaSeveral students in a recording studio playing music together Khan Museum share a belief that interconnected communities of artists and performers can create greater impact and substantial, system-wide change that helps break down social barriers. 

The Aga Khan Museum and Humber College’s collaborative approach to sharing musical heritage will allow Fellows to conceive, plan and execute a multidisciplinary original music project. Under the direction of a Creative Producer and Project Lead, this program will offer a rich curriculum for career development and will support and recognize young audio/visual creators. The final works will involve a multimedia project inspired by the Aga Khan’s vast collection of Islamic art, literature, and history. Fellows will gain new insights and perspectives into Muslim heritage, the cultural threads that bind us together, and new understandings of research, creative, and professional process, allowing them to view themselves as researchers as well as professional artists. 


Applications for the Intercultural & Creative Music Fellowship are currently closed! Applications for the 2023 Fellowships are anticipated to open in the spring of 2023.

Past years

You can view past years' projects and fellows below:

ICMF 2021