Our Framework: Research-Creation

The CCBI is strongly committed to supporting artists and creators at Humber and in the community. To do this, we partner with artists, non-profits and creative businesses at local, national and international levels.

Research in digital media and the arts is a key part of our mandate. A current focus is on ‘Research-Creation’, or the interaction between artistic practice, theory and research. In this approach, research activity incorporates a creative process to produce a final work that uses a variety of media and is critically informed.

What does this mean? Under a Research-Creation framework, we ask questions and examine issues using multi-disciplinary techniques, and present our findings in creative ways. We might obtain historical records through old photographs or oral histories, use street-photography to examine questions around urbanization, visualize data through music and sonograms, and present findings in the form of a short play or creative writing.

We are also using Research-Creation to encourage critical thinking and a research mentality in college-and undergraduate-courses. We are actively exploring which activities encourage student collaboration across disciplines, and how we can apply these lessons across Humber’s academic curriculum.

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