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Professional Ethics

Certificate of Achievement

Program Code: 96111


The 21st century brings with it new ethical challenges both in our personal and professional lives. As a result, the demand for individuals with qualifications and experience in professional ethics continues to increase. The global community faces unprecedented challenges with the rise of intercontinental migration, technological advancements, environmental degradation, changing economic times and complex bureaucracies.

Professional ethics is a timely and exciting area of multidisciplinary study and research. The online courses offered in this certificate provide you with a foundation in ethical reasoning necessary to deal with contemporary ethical and moral issues. You will be exposed to a diversity of cultural values, traditions and points of view through the study of various ethical problems and theories. After finishing the certificate, you will gain a broader perspective of ethical problems and the ability to apply appropriate methodologies to finding practical solutions in a number of private and public sectors such as education, business, media, government, law, politics and social life.

This online Professional Ethics certificate requires the successful completion of six general education courses, four compulsory and two electives.

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Once you have completed the required courses in the certificate program, you will need to apply to graduate. Please contact the Registration Office at with your name, student number, and program name in order to receive your certificate.

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