Join Jim Skinner, professor at The Business School and the Centre for Entrepreneurship as we discover what being your own boss is all about. 

Each week's workshop will cover a different topic, providing you with the essential skills needed to launch a successful business. Jim Skinner will help get you started on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Tuesday, Janaury 16th from 4:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. in the G building, G304

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Full Schedule

Nov. 28: What’s it like:  Running Your Own Business?  Is it Right for Me?


Dec. 05: What’s the Best Way to Get Started?


Dec. 12: How Do I Make It Legal?  Do I need a Lawyer?


Dec. 19 :Do I Need a Partner?  A Mentor?  Who Else Can Help Me?


Jan. 09: Do I Have to Write a Business Plan? What’s the Easiest Way to Do This?


Jan. 16: How Do I Know If My Idea Will Work?  How Can I Research It Quickly and Cheaply?


Jan. 23: How Can I Protect My Idea?  What is My Intellectual Property?


Jan. 30: What Will My Brand Be? What Role Will Social Media Play?


Feb. 06: How Will I Develop a Marketing Strategy?


Feb. 13: How Can I Develop Negotiating Skills?


Feb. 20: How Can I Develop Selling Skills?


Feb. 27: How Will I Promote Through Social Media? How Will Web Analytics Help?


Mar. 06: How Will I Manage the Processes in My Business?


Mar. 13: How Will I Practice Leadership Skills?


Mar. 20: What Do I Need to Know About Finance? What Will My Accountant Do?


Mar. 27: Where Can I Get the Money to Start My Business?


Apr. 03: Can My “Business” Be a Social Enterprise? A Non-profit?


Apr. 10: Will My Business Need to Grow? When? How


Apr. 17: Why Do I need to Pitch My Business Idea? How?