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Enactus Canada is shaping generations of entrepreneurial leaders who are passionate about advancing the economic, social and environmental health of Canada. We rally the energy, ideas, and passion of Canada’s best and brightest students who see business as a way to address social issues. Guided by educators and supported by business leaders, our students take the kind of entrepreneurial approach that empowers people to be a part of their own success. Our work transforms both the lives of the people we serve, and in turn, the lives of our students as they develop into more effective, value-driven leaders

Founded in 1975, Enactus has active programs on more than 1700 college and university campuses across 37 countries, involving more than 72,000 students. As an Enactus student, you’ll be a participant in one of the largest global student organizations. You will play an active role in shaping the history of your generation and know that you have actually helped change the world. A very unique aspect of Enactus is that YOU and your peers get to take complete ownership of your team. You get to decide what projects to conduct, who to work with, how to coordinate projects, and how much time to invest on projects. There are no dues associated with participation in Enactus. In fact, the primary investment you make is an investment of your time.

By participating in Enactus, you are considered by many business and community leaders as among the “best of the best” in your area. Companies understand the integral role that your Enactus participation has played in your development and some may even recruit at Enactus competitive events. Enactus competitions offer a critical link between you and the job market. In addition to potential internship and permanent job opportunities, there are some occasions in which scholarships, awards, and other forms of recognition are also available to students from businesses that partner with Enactus.

Please make every effort to attend our information session. If you have any questions, you may contact us at We are looking forward to seeing you there!!