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Becoming a member allows you to have access to CfE workshops/events, automated CfE communications/invitations to events, mentorship resources, room booking, lockers, stationary resources, business advisers in various industries, 3D printing services, strategic partners resources, and funding resources and options. The CfE features a variety of unique rooms and physical resources available to CfE’s members. This includes:

  • A Focus group room fully equipped with audio and visual equipment.
  • A Media production lab, furnished with a variety of production equipment including a green screen and accompanying hardware and software, recording hardware and software as well as “echo-free” recording space, and a 3D printer and cleaning station.
  • Boardrooms, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces equipped with video-conferencing capabilities and computers.

Benefits of Membership:    

  • Access to CfE workshops/events    
  • Receive CfE communications/invitations to events
  • Room booking    
  • Locker access    
  • Access to Mentors and coaches    
  • Access to stationary resources: flip charts, white boards, markers etc.    
  • Business advisors in industry    
  • 3D printing services    
  • Access to our strategic partner resources    
  • Access to funding resources and options