Sanjay Pinnock, also known as the "The Hustl CEO," is a Creative Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Hustl Works. He's a Dad of two little ones, so I know all about having to "find time" to be a parent and be an entrepreneur. 


Sanjay empowers entrepreneurs to market themselves and their online side hustle or small businesses authentically and helps them learn, build and grow their online business through the entrepreneurial lifestyle, branding, marketing best practices, entrepreneur mindset, and social media marketing. His current entrepreneurial interests Hustl Works are blogging, workshops, courses, tools, and more.


Sanjay's story started 6-years ago on SUPER low budgets; when we say low, we mean it. He started our business with less than CAD 1,000. When He started, the really hard part was finding information and connecting with other entrepreneurs to guide him to bring his online side hustle ideas to life, through high-quality, accessible knowledge is tough to come by in one place, so his mission is to change that for young adults in Canada looking to start their entrepreneurial journeys. He believes education shouldn't be hard to find, whether or not you're starting to explore a potential online side hustle or ready to build your empire. The Hustle Works with access to information.