As part of Humber's Centres for Innovation network (COIs) we provide interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunities for students to become innovative and strategic problem solvers. 

Mission: To develop and coordinate entrepreneurship opportunities and activities, of the highest quality, which will benefit students, graduates and the community at large, positioning this Centre as the catalyst of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship development.

Vision: To empower and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of Humber College and beyond.

Value Proposition: To provide entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the support they need, to start or develop sustainable business practices, in turn, building sustainable communities.

Humber’s Innovation System includes:

  1. The Centre for Entrepreneurship
  2. Other Centres of Innovation including the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI) and the Centre for Creative Business Innovation (CCBI)
  3. The Office of Applied Research & Innovation
  4. Humber’s 6 Academic Faculties covering expertise in more than 180 program areas
  5. 11 Centres of Excellence