We are the leaders of Humber’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, and we are strategically positioned within Humber’s Innovation Ecosystem. An ecosystem is a complex network of interconnected systems; a system cannot function optimally without its partners.  We value partnerships to ensure the CfE mandate is actualized.

Humber’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem or interconnected partnership system comprises of:

  1. Applied Research and Innovation
  2. Our eight academic faculties
  3. COIs
  4. All our external community strategic partners/alliances

All initiatives are tailor-made to support the varying needs of our membership network which comprises of both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Humber’s Innovation System includes:

  1. The Centre for Entrepreneurship
  2. The three COIs: the Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation, the Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness, and the Centre for Creative Business Innovation
  3. The Office of Applied Research & Innovation
  4. Humber’s 8 Academic Faculties covering expertise in more than 180 program areas
  5. 11 Centres of Excellence