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Digital Fluency For The Workforce

Program Code: COWD 103

Credential: Micro-Credential

Program Length: N/A

Start Date: Please use the link below to sign up for updates on the next cohort of this program: REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAM WAITLIST 

Program Contact

Andy Lessard

Project Assistant, Digital Fluency For The Workforce

416-675-6622 ext. 2144

For general inquiries, please email

Program Overview

Digital Fluency for the Workforce (DFW) is a free online micro-credential program designed for individuals who want to develop core digital competencies necessary to thrive in the workplace. The program also provides job search assistance through Humber College Community Employment Services or one of our Employment Ontario (EO) community partners.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will have developed core digital fluency skills that would allow you to use digital tools effectively, communicate professionally in digital spaces, manage digital information ethically and safely, and solve problems collaboratively using a critical lens. These are the core competencies required by employers across industries in Canada.


This micro-credential program is part of the Digital Fluency for the Workforce (DFW) applied research project in partnership with Future Skills Centre. The purpose of this research is to meet the needs of participants and employers by developing and testing the effectiveness of Humber’s digital fluency training curriculum, the micro-credential learning process, the type of learning environment that is best suited for this training, and the results of actively using these skills in the participant’s job search and employment.




We are currently focused on supporting active job seekers who may fall under any of the following category: newcomers, youth, racialized peoples, or those who need to enhance their literacy & numeracy skills.

Participants must be:

  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • Actively job searching
  • Living in the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, Peel, Halton, Durham and York Regions)
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Not currently enrolled in another post-secondary / training program





The program is completely free of cost.

Micro-credentials are small units of learning that help you build transferable skills relevant to the labour market.

Digital literacy is a necessary basic understanding and ability to navigate digital systems and technology. It is a foundational part of digital fluency.

Digital fluency enable individuals to use and adapt to digital tools, manage information, conduct research, and create and communicate effectively and ethically in digital spaces.

You may get up to three micro-credentials after completing the program.

The program seeks to improve your digital fluency skills in any workplace and is not limited to a specific industry. At the end of the program, you will develop a stronger sense in navigating the digital environment.

You have at least three months to complete the entire program. However, since the program is self-directed, you can potentially finish the program sooner than three months.

The program has two delivery models: asynchronous (self-directed) and blended (synchronous with real-time support).

The asynchronous model consists of online modules and drop-in sessions throughout the week.

The blended model consists of weekly one-hour sessions with your class and facilitator, online modules and drop-in sessions throughout the week.

Yes. The program is self-directed which means you can do it at your own pace. You can work on the course at a time that is convenient for you.

We ask that you continue to work with your employment advisor / counsellor.

You will be referred and registered to Humber College Community Employment Services or to your local employment support centre funded by Employment Ontario.

This micro-credential program is part of the Digital Fluency for the Workforce (DFW) applied research project in partnership with Future Skills Centre. At this time, we are only able to offer this program to these groups because we are funded by the Future Skills Centre.



Prior to the start of the program, you will complete a series of pre-assessments which will help us place you in the right micro-credential course most relevant to your needs. You will work on these at your own pace. Each micro-credential course is approximately 12-15 hours in duration.

In this foundational digital skills micro-credential course, learners identify features of basic digital tools and perform routine digital tasks common to workplaces across sectors. Tasks include data entry, file retrieval, data protection, navigating online platforms, and composing simple messages using appropriate digital tools. Finally, learners begin to test out new tools independently and seek support when necessary.

Module Topic Key Digital Fluency Skills
1 Navigate Your Device 1
  • Navigate your keyboard and mouse
  • Navigate Browsers
2 Navigate the Cloud 1
  • Accessing the Cloud
  • Uploading/Downloading Forms
3 Managing and Collecting Digital Information 1
  • Submitting Online Forms
  • File Management, Accessing Library Resources
4 Communicating in Digital Spaces 1
  • Creating a professional email account
  • Sending emails, chats

Managing Digital Profiles 1

  • Creating profiles
  • Exploring Social Media Platforms

In this foundational digital skills micro-credential course, learners develop strategies to use basic digital tools efficiently, securely, and professionally. Learners create a personal system of managing digital information in a safe and reliable manner using cloud computing and online collaboration tools. Finally, learners communicate effectively to different audiences using a variety of audio and visual digital tools, and they present information to peers in digital spaces in a professional manner.

Module Topic Key Digital Fluency Skills
6 Navigate Your Device 2 Building a Glossary Accessing web browsers effectively
7 Navigate the Cloud 2 Exploring Google Suite Creating a shared folder
8 Managing and Collecting Digital Information 2 Checking credibility Creating a survey
9 Communicating in Digital Spaces 2 Composing a clear and concise email Creating a visual using a digital tool
10 Managing Digital Profiles 2 Creating a LinkedIn profile Creating secure privacy settings

In this digital skills micro-credential course, learners use a critical lens to evaluate digital tools and solve problems in digital spaces. Learners will collaborate effectively with others, adapting to different platforms and data management systems with some ease and familiarity. Learners produce well-formatted documents and present data effectively using a variety of approaches suitable to different audiences. Finally, learners develop an online professional profile and network using appropriate applications.

Module Topic Key Digital Fluency Skills


Navigate Your Device 3

Filtering searches effectively

Narrowing Searches


Navigate the Cloud 3

Collaborating on Digital Tools


Managing and Collecting Digital Information 3

Searching YouTube effectively

Citing and referencing sources appropriately

Interpreting and presenting data


Communicating in Digital Spaces 3

Using plain language for effective tone

Creating a communications plan


Managing Digital Profiles 3

Demonstrating and rationalizing a personalized digital profile strategy

Updating and maintain a LinkedIn profile

Why Should You Register?

Estimates say that around 84% of jobs in Canada currently require the use of a computer and basic technical skills (Information and Communications Technology Council, 2016). As technologies advance and automation becomes more prevalent, jobs at every skill level will increasingly require a basic foundation of digital fluency.

Digital fluency is a foundational, cross-sectoral skillset, representing a core employability skill for workers in Canada. Much like a language, the pursuit of one’s digital fluency is lifelong and depends heavily on a learner’s willingness to take risks, test out new ideas and tools, share with others, and direct their own digital learning journey. This program prepares learners to set their own goals and take meaningful action to develop digital skills that are essential to thrive in the workplace.

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