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Success Story - Laveera D'Souza

We recently interviewed Laveera D'Souza to learn more about her experience as a learner in Humber’s Digital Fluency for the Workforce (DFW) micro-credential training program. Laveera participated in all three micro-courses and after completing the DFW program, Laveera secured employment as a Unit Clerk in the vaccination clinic of a hospital in Toronto.

What made you want to join the DFW Program?

Laveera: During the pandemic, I was experiencing a feeling of isolation and I was mentally getting into a slump. My routine comprised of just waking up and laying on the couch all day long. That was my life. I worked in the Event Management field pre-pandemic and couldn’t find work due to the lockdown. This situation was pulling my spirit down even further. That’s when a friend of mine told me about the DFW program.Applying to the program was my first step towards getting out of the slump. Not only did l look forward to something after a long time I also got an opportunity to update my skills as well.

How did the DFW training help you to improve your digital skills towards finding a job?

Laveera: The program helped me develop my technical and digital skills, especially when it came to my job search. For example, every time I was applying for a particular job, I would create a folder for that company. I would copy the job description onto a Word document and highlight the main keywords and skills in my resumes when I sent them out. On a personal note, I used the skills I learnt towards creating a presentation for my niece’s birthday making it a little more special for her.

What role did the Employment Advisor play in your job search?

Laveera: It was very nice to have an employment advisor who was there when I needed him most. There were times in the program when I would feel dejected and return back to sloth life. As a result, I did not have the motivation to look for jobs for a week or even longer. Simon, our employment advisor, would still reach out and give me a call, and check up on me. He would ask how I’m feeling and that was my wake up call to look for jobs again. I truly think his calls kept pushing me to get back into the workforce. 

How did the DFW program help you to secure your current job?

Laveera: Previously, I would apply to jobs using only a standard resume. I was just using the same resume to apply for every position. During the DFW program, my employment advisor fixed my resume and gave me a better idea of how to approach my job search. I also attended a couple of workshops with Humber Community Employment Services which helped me improve my virtual interviewing skills and other aspects of job searching during the pandemic. I learned collectively from all the various pieces that the Humber team put together in this program which in turn helped me secure my current job..

About Humber’s DFW Program

Digital Fluency for the Workforce (DFW) is a free online micro-credential program designed for individuals who want to develop core digital competencies necessary to thrive in the workplace. The program also provides job search assistance through Humber College Community Employment Services or one of our Employment Ontario (EO) community partners.