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Boilermaker/Welder Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Program Code: COWD 109

Credential: Certificate of Achievement

Program Length: 12 weeks

Start Date: September 25, 2023   Eligibility: Ages 18-29 The first step in the registration process is to sign up for an information session to learn more about the program.

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The Boilermaker Pre-Apprenticeship Program at Humber College is a tuition-free program funded by the Government of Ontario that is designed as a transition step to finding an apprenticeship. Boilermakers assemble, install, maintain, and repair boilers, closed vats, and other large vessels or containers that hold liquids and gases.

As part of this program, you will receive Level 1 equivalent Welding training that will allow you to be properly prepared to write and pass the Canadian Welding Bureau exam for Stick Welding and prepare you for an apprenticeship as a Boilermaker or Welder. Math support is built into the program and will take place in conjunction with the training delivery to reinforce concepts.

The program is delivered over 12 weeks, followed by a paid work placement of 8 weeks with the Boilermakers Union, Local 128, upon successful completion of the program. 
Work placements are for those students who attend all training and fully participate in employment prep workshops, including submission of all required materials.

Program Benefits

  • Academic Upgrading
  • Equivalent of Level 1 Apprenticeship training for the trade of Welding
  • training sessions on: confined spaces, asbestos awareness, basic construction safety, basic hoisting and rigging and mental health awareness
  • Employment preparation training
  • Assistance with finding a paid work placement in the Boilermaker/Welding industry
  • All textbooks, safety training, small tool kit, and safety equipment are included - free of charge

Your Career

In Ontario, 50% of Construction Boilermakers are over the age of 45. Approximately 25% of this group will be eligible for retirement within the next 5 years.  This may result in close to 170 experienced Boilermakers leaving the trade.  Some Boilermakers opt to work less strenuous jobs resulting in a shortage of man power on the physically challenging jobs, hence the opportunity for younger entrants to the trade and more specifically the Construction Boilermaker Apprenticeship program, is in high demand

Work Placement

Participants will complement their formal training program with a 8 week paid work placement with the Boilermakers Union Local (dependent on employer, as well as student participation and input throughout program). 

Work placements are for those students who attend all training and fully participate in employment prep workshops, including submission of all required materials.


Admission Requirements

Eligibility and Program Requirements

  • Between 18-29 years of age
  • have a keen interest in the industry and demonstrate a strong commitment to completing the program
  • be willing/able to commute to training and work placement, if required
  • Submission of online application form
  • Completion of 2 online assessments (Math & Reading Comprehension)
  • Attend an interview (by invite only, based on assessment results).

Academic Requirements

  • Minimum Requirement: Grade 12 equivalency demonstrated via High School transcripts. To learn about accommodations or exceptions to this requirement, please contact the Project Manager (contact details listed below)
  • Must be a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen with valid Social Insurance Number.

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